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  1. it seems that sometimes we believe that everyone else out there, is out there to get us. it's okay to be scared of the unknown, however, the unknown takes the shape that we want it to be.

  2. Also I just want to ask I hit a thumbs-up on this video and it shows I'm the only one is there anyone else that is experiencing the same thing?

  3. Oh I left this out I guess that's what they meant when they said the South will rise again it's coming and I will be on the front line.

  4. Is another civil war coming I feel it, they're destroying history and with that history will repeat itself, I'll be damned if they take my kids hostage. Bring it the f*** on see what happens people will come together like you have never seen before.

  5. President Trump I really hope you heard this doctors plea and will be able to stand firm against the whiles of the wicked, who insist on giving vaccines to children and others to injury them permanently. I pray The Most High, will cover you and keep you from the evil plans of the wicked.

  6. Bill gates and fauci why dont you give this vaccine to your family you are evil why do you force people to take this vaccine there is no law in the constitution that all human being should take this vaccine bill gates and fauci should be investigated for this

  7. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your passion and love toward the children in America and beyond and just people in general, I wish all doctors were like you which brings me to my story about my daughter whom just recently became awoke about vaccines and the evil agendas of the left, she had her first baby last August and they insisted on giving my granddaughter a hepatitis b and a vitamin k shot but I raiseded he'll and stopped them, we made sure she wasn't taken out of the or our site, but for some reason unknown one year later she still has a bruise with a puncture in the middle of it under h
    er left shoulder on her up upper back we afraid to take her to the Dr. Cause I just don't trust them and now my daughter is pregnant again and is to scared to get prenatal care, she's about eight months along a nd has called seven different clinics for just an ultrasound and they tell her she's to far along and won't help her, she could have this baby anytime and she wants to have it at home but we're all really scared because of a such broken medical system, we have no experience on delivering babies, what do we do

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