Wow!!!: Another Lie To Deceive The World By Google Bill Gate Exposed

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  1. 94.5% efficacy of what result…of what number of people tested for each vaccine?

    Before asking/requiring Public to take any Approved covid-19 vaccine… Make Public vaccine pretests and participant data as follows:

    What are:
    1. "All" ingredients in each proposed vaccine?
    2. Under what formats for each vaccine test?
    3. How many "Actual" people were tested in each test?

    For each Test:
    4. What were "Actual" results?
    5. What were "Actual" general side effects?
    6. What were "Actual" Sicknesses
    7. What were "Actual" Deaths/Causes

  2. Covid19 Frontline ICU Pulmonary Medical Doctor Pierre Kory:

    "Im not a politician Im a physician…I can NOT keep doing this…anymore deaths? are NEEDLESS DEATHS:…higher rates on African-American, Latinos, Elderly & d disadvantaged…im asking NIH review the Immensed Data by physicians & researchers on 'IVERMECTIN'…life-saving & immensely protective prophylaxis…'miraculous' effects BASICALLY OBLITIRATES VIRUS TRANSMISSION…& so safe..must be implemented & now…a solution to d crisis that IS proven…take it you will not get sick…trials on 800 workers not one got sick…has potent anti-viral activity…it's already a 'won wonder drug' on medicine…anti-viral & anti-inflammatory…." 11mins.

  3. the white chick looks good.
    the worst part of the Pandemic
    is the Asymptomatic cases.
    your supposed to still be positive and spread it, even through your not showing any symptoms.
    it's some contrived bullshit.

  4. Why is nobody talking about the race gap of covid-19 or the fact that it attacks blood type A more than any other blood type

  5. Wash ur hands oooh. What happened with the filthy people? They still here. Remember Paltrow's film.
    And by the way…..they been paid for every single person who "died" of that.

  6. I just do it 3 times and you at right. Amazing that doctors who recommends hcq is being targeted. And censored on big tech companies. Pres. Trump is right. The deep state(evil , satan) is so wife and deep. It has taken roots in every aspect of society of most of not all countries.

  7. Coronavirus is real in wuhan they were not playing games in wuhan. They took people from their homes. Anyone remember those videos where people were just falling and even someone having a siezure in the hospital bed. By the time I got to the end of my message Im wondering why fake that symptom

  8. This can get kind of deep, so put your hip waders on readers. NO RNA VACCINE HAS WORKED IN 20 YEARS. IT BECOMES LESS EFFECTIVE AS IT MUTATES AND HERD IMMUNITY SETS IN. CHILDREN DON'T CARRY ENOUGH VIRAL LOAD TO INFECT ADULTS. death rates are less than seasonal influenza, yet they destroy the global economy for this one.
    Listen to Prof Francis Boyle U of Illinois. being censored. Plandemic 8 mil views youtube also censored. Dr Greg Ford Midnight in Samarra from Amazon. About Bush 41 and Fauci transfer tech to China while Bush 41 was ambassador to China for one year. No RNA vaccine has ever worked.
    UN, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma… globalist manipulation. See triple W nutrimedical dot com for solution. 50 + years of post doctoral research.

    The quantum dot, the nano tech to jump species given by Bush 41 T Fauci & prof C Lieber of Harvard (now in prison)
    are injector sets provided by Gates at last count 1/2 million purchased by the government in ignorance under Fauci
    which Trump has recently replace ! ( This permanently alters the DNA. ) No more having children.
    As one of 3 major capabilities of the geoengineering to weaponize the environment, the use of frequencies operate
    between the LEO satellites ( by 6 companies launching them like SpaceX) By the 5-G which is also a co-toxin, and
    flooding the cities with interfering frequencies against the schuman's resonance, can communicate with the quantum
    dot, ( IS A PATENTED TECHNOLOGY). The space based technology? If you've seen it on TV in the movies… It's old hat ! Remember Tom Cruise seeing people getting vaporised by aliens ? (The huge thieves of Lockheed Martin had a retirement party for Ben Rich who broke protocol saying, we have the ability to send ET home. If you have seen it on television, it's either already been done, or decided it's not worth doing.)

    A quantum supercomputer known as the cray five array has the data base of frequencies for the range of thought and emotion and one is chosen, then emitted, able to use this psycoenergetics or to read and generate both that particular result of thought and emotion. Formerly known as "voice to skull" tested on both enemy troops in the gulf war
    and a New York City downtown billboard. Also used extensively as applied to jet pilots for firing ordinances by thought.
    The quantum supercomputers will have the economic reset, using quantum communications parse syntax grammar math code interface. The entire planet has a virtual world inside the array mapped out thanks to efforts like google earth,
    causing brick & mortar economies to operate online for ease of monitoring. Use of radio tomography to map resources within the earth since the late 60's. Even identified the empty magma domes for faster development of the underground cities. The virtual world project ( inside the array) uses the promise software. These systems are connected to all communications facilities, and all ancient libraries going back to the Vatican, back to ancient Babylon, back to Atlantis,
    and even further !

    Low Earth Satellites ( LEO ) To ID any person and operates best being 6 feet from anyone else. This is to DIAL UP YOUR CORTEX ! As the DNA can never be reversed, it is the mark of the beast. This represents the mark on your head ! This is Biometric Encryption And Satellite Tracking.
    There is also bioenergetics, to generate any disease state in the body, or can also heal by a frequency or scalar bomb release into a region. There is also geoenergetics, to manipulate weather and plate tectonics to increase earthquakes
    and cause weather disasters by making them more pronounced and deadly, against pro Trump strongholds to punish.
    Or used to depopulate like the list of cities of California fire plans to systematically destroy, the steering of Katrina, the tsunami at Fukushima, or destruction of Pureto Rico etc… These are space based platforms, long removed from Gakona Alaska & elsewhere. Yes, there's a lot more to this….

  9. every body has been played now u people wack up . is not about the viruse its all about u stay sleep. deep sleep. without relizing who u are. and what u doing here.

  10. Bill gates and fauci and bill soros , are in on it , they caused all of this , setting up one world government, need to get right with the lord and get saved

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