Woman FAINTS on LIVE TV After Receiving Covid VACCINE – Rich Trying to Pay For Early Vaccinations

Two BIG Stories on the Vaccines and my opinions.. First, Tiffany Dover, a nurse manager from Chattanooga, Tennessee is shown fainting after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. What is the truth? Did she really faint? Also, wealth people have been offering BIG BUCKS to get to the front of the line ahead of the sick and elderly. Will this be tolerated? What did Gov Gavin Newson have to say?

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SOURCES: https://twitter.com/ThatTrumpGuy/status/1339769242980388864

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  1. But does anyone really think that the nurse’s employer is going to let her make a statement that could make the vaccine look bad?!

  2. I've never heard of state fairs doing anything vaccine related. Maybe the vaccine is ok maybe it's not I'm still not taking it I just don't trust them. Not right away at least

  3. Fishy as hell.
    Really? Of aaaaaall people they select for live tv, they choose this lady?
    What kind of vetting process do they have?
    They also warned ppl who have known allergic reaction to things to not take it. 3ppl in Alaska got a bad allergic reaction. They still learning about the virus and still learning about the vaccine.

  4. Exactly…you are so right and could you imagine being one of the first to get the vaccine and having cameras in your face while ur getting it done…it could have been a mix between getting a vaccine and nerves who knows…but honestly i believe it's probably fine just my opinion…but if its jacked up I say go ahead and let the rich entitled pay a butt load of money to cut in line while we all watch them be the Guinea pigs…lol…smh why ppl feel so entitled I'll never understand it's so sick…thanks for sharing love your channel

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