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  1. It only make sense now. Fauci was the main baring on the aids and in 2017, he made that famous speech on “Outbreak in infectious disease under trump” yea this had been planned for a long time. It’s the End game, Fauci also , had the remark.

  2. Great channel here.
    Thanx for putting Polly up there with her link and THANX 4 sharing.
    I'm your newest sub.
    Did you know that Bill Gates named Microsoft after his penis AND wants Vaccineocide-Vaccineogedon for everyone on the planet?
    Personally I boycott Microsoft and I wonder why Gates want to vax We The People of Earth when he can't even fix his blue screen, permanent, decades old Windows virus that to reset you have to press
    Food for thought?
    What's that mean?

  3. Looking in the back groung of the lady doing this video talk about illuminati. Watch her hand signals 666 and more pay attention.Who can we really trust. She has the 8 symbol, The pole to the left which means penis, and the picture with the cross. Good video though she did her home work that's for sure. Christine Grady looks like a man, I bet Fauci is a woman????????????

  4. human subjects research isnt that the sme eugenics science of hitler, taken up by the rockefellers and now covered up under molecular biology?

  5. I have recently changed my mind about Ole Bill and his band of Misfit Toys. After seeing the mindless simians I share the world with, he may be the good buy in this movie.

  6. What a tangled web they weave! They really know how to fool the average person but you are too smart for them! Thank you so much for sharing your research! You must have sent this to someone that is connected to Trump right!

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