WHO bribes Madagascar president $20M? Bill Gates exposed

Bill And Melinda Gates Deny Bribing Nigerian Lawmakers With $10million for vaccine tests.
Tanzanian newspaper says WHO bribed madagsacar president andry rajoelina with $20million over covid organics.

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  1. What's the south african government position on all this info concern the poisoning of people in this country .people die because some one is compromised the principal of our health in this country which is finances by Bill Gates via the WHO

  2. As an Australian. I salute you guys for standing strong against such an evil force. Africa deserves better and it's people should be proud and decide their own future . BG is a plague upon humanity.

  3. LuiSpot – good work, the world needs you, we need to know what dirty deeds Bill Gates/WHO are doing in your country. It's very important you share the information.

  4. Hi, this is such good news, You Go Africa! ๐Ÿ‘someone should stand up to these criminals and with your unitedness, hopefully the West can also be brave and reject the large corps and corrupt govs. Wish our politicians and media weren't so scared and greedy!!

  5. The only we can save ourselves from this Bill Gates's evil pandemic is for all of Africa to withdraw our membership from, these terrorist organisation called UN, WHO, UNICEF who pretend to be helping us but they are actually the killers, who uses medicines to kill Africans and they are masterminds of all conflicts in Africa

  6. The WHO or Big Pharmaceitical firms are suspected offering the WHO members countries to abide the Protocol now being imposed to them through this alleged PANDEMIC COVID 19. Those countries like Madagascar that are being offered $20 million not to use organic medicines against covid 19 and to use their approved and sanctioned medicines like vaccine, Remdivisir whose efficacy still unproven and no safe guarantee to humans. Many leaders of countries were alleged to have recรฌeved the same token offered to Madagascar that is why they couldn't back out of the agreement. WOW if this is true…those leaders are traitors

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