US Is In Afghanistan For Feminism & Women's Rights! – CNN WAR PROPAGANDA

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(CNN)Concerns are mounting from bipartisan US lawmakers and Afghan women’s rights activists that the hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan could be lost if the United States makes a precipitous withdrawal from the country.
President Joe Biden has suggested it will be difficult to meet the May 1 deadline for US troops to leave the country as dictated in the deal the Trump administration signed with the Taliban. However, there are fears that if the US withdraws troops before the conditions on the ground are right — regardless of the date on the calendar — there will be a sharp and possibly catastrophic backslide.

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21 reacties

  1. lol at thinking the war in afghanistan is maintained by wokeness. look up black rifle coffee, there are plenty of white supremacists in the US and they love killing brown folk through the military and police. but kyle wouldn't ever attack his republikkkunt fanbase now would he? no one joins the war in afghanistan because of wokeness, they do it because they really want to kill brown people.

  2. The US supported under the Carter administration an Islamist uprising in Afghanistan against a modernising government. This uprising was eventually victorious. So the US made sure that women were deprived of the rights they had under the secular government.

  3. Biden needs to hire a new secretary of bull shit. Only people with Meagan McCain level intellect will belive this crap. The real question is: when and how do we get foreign policy reform?

  4. It IS kinda funny though see all the right wingers who used feminism and democracy as an excuse to be Islamophobic turn tail and decry "pushing feminism on people who don't want it".

  5. US not fight for Feminism & Women's Rights. Just their feminism and women's rights is gone when US & alliance fail
    And, oppressed people LOVE to see Drone Strikes.

  6. Only the most ignorant person will believe that US government is fighting wars overseas because they are the good guys
    They don't even care about their own people here in the united states

  7. Be careful with this kind of logic, before the MSM looks at it for a second, has a lightbulb moment and then asks why the US isn't invading everywhere else for "women's rights" too.

  8. funny enough I Discovered you because of youtube recommending you after john oliver. so thank that man XD
    on the other hand the auto play next video is of jhne oliver soooo …. yeah thats not cool hahahaha

  9. It's such a disgusting thing to say for so many reason.. for example to assume that people there will automatically eat each other as soon as the US military leaves.. as if the US military is there to uphold morality (which it should never be trying to do and isn't doing).

  10. Someone tell these western media that Taliban treatment to women is very much same as any Afghan government employee . Or any civilian in Saudi

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