US Is Back Bombing Afghanistan Already

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The U.S. has stepped up airstrikes in southern Afghanistan amid growing apprehension over a Taliban offensive threatening Kandahar, the country’s second-largest city and spiritual capital of the Taliban movement.

The fall of Kandahar would deal a heavy blow to the U.S.-backed government in Kabul, which is trying to impart calm to its citizens as the Taliban has seized swaths of the countryside, but so far failed to take a major city.

The airstrikes, about a dozen in recent days, point to a continuing role for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, despite confidence expressed by President Biden and the Pentagon that the Afghan armed forces are well-equipped and ready to fight the Taliban on their own. U.S. forces are due to depart Afghanistan by the end of August.

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  1. Biden is doing what's necessary to get us out of this mess. But progressives will still find something to complain about. I'm so happy Biden won because I guarantee Sanders would not have made the progress we're seeing so far in ANY category!

  2. Is there really no other alternative? I’m not asking this because I like the idea of staying in the Middle East but the opposite. Any way to mitigate the effects of a full withdrawal? Because, to be honest, I would rather have nothing to due with the region at all than continually bombing a country to no end.

  3. As a western liberal I feel a strong connection with my ultra conservative religious fundamentalist brothers(not sisters!) from Afghanistan! Death to America(in minecraft)! 😀

  4. The most important reason we are there is experience. What keeps us dominant over Russia and China? We are the only country that knows how to fight a modern war

  5. While i do agree. There is still a huge difference in giving them military aid if they want it vs having troops there forever.

    If i am not mistaken they are asking for help against the taliban.

  6. You say it was understandable to deploy the military into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden? Why? What if Bin Laden was hiding somewhere in Siberia? Would it have been okay to deploy our military there?

  7. Misogynist! Admit it, you secretly get off thinking about the Taliban resubjecting women under their rule. Typical alt-left guy of the Jimmy Dore ilk

  8. Left politicians need to make the "how you gonna pay for it" point about these wars, whenever universal healthcare or infrastructure spending is questioned they should all bring up the infinite spending on war

  9. All drone strikes have a 90% civilian casuality rate. – Daniel Hale (Bothan Spy is spending 4 years in prison to bring you this news)

  10. We just need to do a 'Surge' in troops briefly then we can leave right after everyone! We'll be out by 2011 following a Surge.

    "Did you mean to say 2021?" ~I don't follow.

  11. All of this is on a credit card as well, our government is essentially a debt nation that can't pay their bills and then, in turn directing our military at threatening China and Russia and bombing poor countries, fing sad!

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