'U.S. Afghanistan Exit Opens Door To Designate Pakistan A State Sponsor Of Terror'

New Delhi: On ‘The Gist’, Dr Michael Rubin, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute analyses how the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan could free President Joe Biden to act against the Pakistan deep state and its use of terrorist groups as a foreign policy. In conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi, he argues that a “combination of Pakistani triumphalism amidst the backdrop of the U.S. withdrawal and any subsequent Taliban atrocities could lead to efforts to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terror.”

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  1. According to the Indian Express the Maharashtra anti terrorism force has once more seized 7 kgs of highly radioactive uranium in Maharashtra. This has reportedly happened about 12 times in the last 12-18 months and India says it does not have a strong enough central monitoring force but this is not an acceptable or excusable explanation. This lack of control over this bomb making material can create havoc I; the world. It requires investigation by the IAEA and the UN.

  2. India keep singing old Propaganda about Pakistan. They have old habits to spread lies. Pakistan Army has already secured Pak-Afgh Borders with fencing and now there is no chance of any terrorists to cross the borders. Recently #ISIS indian funded org claimed the responsibility of Kabul attacks in Afghanistan school. To counter Pakistan india destabilising Afghanistan at any cost.

  3. China is focused on natural resource allocation wherever it can find it/access it. This is to maintain its economic rise and realize historical documents and positioning of what China should be, and see to be. History matters.

  4. Rubin is a paid lobbyist. He is a pen for hire.
    Interacting with someone like that is not good for the reputation of your platform.

  5. Pakistan in Collaboration with Taliban and Afghanistan Government have looted America for last 20 years, without even Americans realising that they have been Robbed,

  6. Dr. Michael Rubin; great guest and insight. "Normal diplomats treat diplomacy to create a win-win situation. For ISI diplomacy is war by other means." So true.

  7. Read Book by Carlotta Gall book America”s war in Afghanistan 2001 to 2014 which details Pakistani ISI role in Afghanistan and Supporting Taliban and playing double game

  8. Brilliant discussion and quite informative as usual. Mr. Rubin has given excellent information and I would like to thank him and congratulate him. I would also like to say his cat is quite smart to make an appearance as well πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  9. Why did USA attack IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN after 9/11
    The epicentre of terror was pakistan and Saudi
    Even Taliban birth and growth was because of pakistan
    The loss of USA in last 20 years in Afghanistan is because of Pakistan
    USA , Others and Afghan Soliders and civilians lost lives in this 20 years and USA still does nothing and continues to appease the Father of terrorism . Is USA blind even after losing their own men and women

  10. loosers backscratching each other, while i am surprised they still talk about Pakistan while covid ravages the home front. Afsoos.

  11. America claims they know everything about Pakistan and backstabbing and Pakistani says Pak afgan Taliban defeated us support of IsI

  12. Fantastic analysis by Dr. Rubin and equally pertinent questions from Mr. Revi. Loved every moment of the narrative by two very eloquent speakers.

  13. Lets be clear about it. pakistan will never get the designation from the US. It goes against American Establishment's interests. US could have used its allies KSA, UAE, who host 25 lakh pakistanis & who send back 12 billion dollars yearly as remittances to pakistan, to put pressure but US never did it.

    US continues to be the largest trade partner for pakistan in terms of pakistani exports. USAID continues its works in pakistan.

    Designation has never been an option for them. They are willing to give a pass on a lot of things of pakistan like they did with AQ khan & OBL sleeping with his wives & daughters next to Kakul. Had it been a possibility, it would have happened post 2nd May'11.

    Targeted sanctions against individuals might happen & its high time that happens. Lot of individuals deserved it. especially gernails like Mahmood, Aziz khan & that Shahid Aziz who was killed in US airstrike in Afghanistan fighting for Al Qaeda 3 years back.

    Not to forget, America has had these 'good bois' pakistani gernails like Musharraf, Kayani, Shuja Pasha, Raheel etc who have 'aided' them from time to time & have made a State sponsors of terror designation nearly impossible.

  14. Us should put sanctions on Pakistan,, but they wont because they are still leaving private contractors in Afghanistan and will need logistical support from Pakistan

  15. Seeing its strategy of supporting anti Pakistan terrorist organization TTP fail once US troops leave, Indian fake think tanks (some of whom have been exposed by EUDisinfo Lab) are scrambling to get some traction. They will fail again because they ate good at talking but are ineffective in execution. Just look how unprepared they are against Covid response, spending billions on weapons and in tormenting terror against other countries they fail to attend to basic needs of their people.

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