there might be 2 good things about youtube | amazing polly amazingly vanishes!!

youtube takes her away; erased and scrubbed clean | an earlier plug for truthers like Amazing Polly

the 2 “new” Amazing Polly channels on youtube are fake

youtube continues to remove the TRUTH!! follow your favorite TRUTHERS; In Pursuit of Truth [IPOT], Amazing Polly, PeopleCleaner, Michelle XYZ, Red Ice TV, Red Ice Media, Slave New World, outofshadows official, Don’t Drink The Koolaid and many, many others on BETTER platforms like Bitchute, Paler, New Tube, etc.

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  1. Amen 😀 keep reading the good book and you"ll always get a view from me 👍, but as you already pointed out its your channel so do as you wish. Pay no attention to any haters😀

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