THE SECRET AGENDA 2019 – 2020. Wouter Raatgever English, Share if u care..

WHATS going on in The Netherlands?? on this whole planet!!
Wouter Raatgever is researcher for more than 30 years. He is a leadership trainer to empower people to stand up for their rights and lives. In a really quick time our planet changed in to a pandemic witch has been planed for more than 1000 years ago. The Netherlands has never signed the peace agreement 75 years ago witch means we are still in war with the Enemy. There is a serieus dangerous secret plan going on The New world order! what many people don’t know. Wouter explains the secrets everyone should know cause it will save yours and your children lives.

Wouter Raatgever helps anyone who wants to stand up for their and their children rights cause we are not helpless we have many solutions.

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Wouter Raatgever

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