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  1. You are not really Radical…till you Baptise yourself and say the CORRECTED Catholic Trinity Rosary 150 to God Our Lady .everyday and include the Keys to the Doors of Heaven : God Our Lady, God Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Ghost ! Period ! Learn more here OURLADYISGOD DOT COM

  2. You are not " Free " you follow mosaic law are condemned and sin mortally….have a birth certificate places you DIRECTLY in Satan's TRUST " IN GOD WE TRUST " WE =33=Satan….the truth is out.. Jesus Christ is actually God …learn all here OURLADYISGOD DOT COM

  3. You are all idiots, wear a mask , that is all……..But if you are already to dumb to comprehend this….you are indeed the idiots all laugh about…YOU deserve the mocking.

  4. Loved the opening. For fact checkers out there, Antony Fauci and Bill Gates photo going around NOT wearing masks was just debunked. Just sayin'. He may be the Devil or not, but perhaps this might give a few pregnant pause to re-analize data/suppositions/biases and do one's best to negate your own opninion, as would any proper debater seeking truth(s). . . . Speaking my one A mind and willing to ALWAYS adjust and adapt my opinions and perspective. Be well, All.

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