The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men by Robert Jensen

Does a socially just society require a radical feminist overhaul of dominant patriarchal structures?
Dr. Robert Jensen is a professor of journalism at The University of Texas, Austin. He is the author of many books, and he writes opinions and analytics on foreign policy, politics, and race for popular media. His work has appeared in papers and magazines across the United States.


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  1. There have been studies done, concerning sexually diamorphic parts of the brain, that shows that trans individuals have structures typically associated with the sex they identify with. Robert is concerned, with how it is possible biologocally to be trans: there is some research on that.

  2. A cycle has a beginning, a middle and an end. The mytholigized symbol of the snake perfectly represents this simple understanding; the cyclical nature of all things. Every great cycle has an opening (a matriarch beginning) and a tail end (a patriarchal ending). As above so below, the male and female bodies carry with them the living symbols of either ends of The Great Cycle. Naming God as the Father or as the Mother is not wrong or right, it is simply a location within the great cycle. The hidden reason for people's love for Jesus is that within and beyond his masculinity, he held himself balanced as he practiced "matriarchal spirituality". As Women have direct experience with the most high responsibility of birthing, so is the spiritual practice of baptizing and being "born again" of a matriarchal quality. In contrast to the worldly desire of being a King, a "King of Being" is one who stands in full awareness of The Great Cycle; who has transcended polarities, illusions along with the current religious interpretations of its day. If we are born of The Father (the Word of God), it is so that we can be reborn of the Mother (the Holy Spirit). The key is not to love, hate or expect the return of a longhaired divine Messenger, but to notice the comings and goings of the real Message. All this to say that Genesis is not so much a beginning as it is the tail end of Gnosis.

  3. 23:55 pornography more mainstream than ever before. The material is more cruel and degrading and more racist than ever; makes patriarchy a standard of eroticism. The paradox of pornography. Arousal of men depends on demeaning female bodies.

  4. 18:00 pornography, how easy it is to find graphic sexual material on your phone that is by and for men. Buying and selling women as objectified bodies that provide pleasure in patriarchy. Can be produced and viewed by women and still perpetuate patriarchy.

  5. A brilliant lecture. While I am sure you are used to hate comments, allow me to say – this is why the feminist fight never ends. It upsets the beautifully privileged world of men, who do not even wish to tolerate a discussion about losing their privilege.

  6. Re: "You can be a Man or a Human Being…"

    I think the alternative Dr. Jensen is loosely referring to here is what Buddhists call the "middle way"; not being defined by external ideals (like Masculinity and Femininity).  Strangely enough I find it's mostly younger mainstream/liberal college feminists propping up the "masculine ideal" by JUSTIFYING the sexual attention they give to jocks and bullies in political terms, as "asserting female choice", "sexual liberation", "empowerment" and all that.  What better way to scare a young man into conforming to masculine norms than by threatening him with the prospect of being sexually despised and alone his whole life? 😉

  7. Radical Feminist is a movment against suffering he said. While life is suffering. Radical feminism is movement against life. Quick maths.

  8. "you can choose to be a man or a human being" Ok, dehumanization of men, check. being strong, heroic, capable, intelligent, tough, creative, smart- all traits associated with being a man is bad, bad, bad. You should choose instead to be insipid, weak and stupid- that's how decent human beings act.

  9. I can't believe I made it nine minutes into this bullshit. Give me one day in America where white women have been dominated by Black men? We can end this myth of patriarchy tomorrow. Give all the women that agree with this nonsense some picks and shovels. Send them into the forest and let them build a civilization for men. Show us how it's done, ladies?

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