The ‘Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Hymn by T Matthew Phillips (copywrited)

Heard for the First Time in Over a Century – The ‘Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Hymn!’

We will soon defeat SB277 in the Appellate Court – and stop mandatory vaccination in California – because we have the most amazing attorney in the whole world! He is brilliant not only at law, but at music, science, and everything else. If all protestors were as passionate as T. Matthew Phillips, the vaccine genocide would be ended tomorrow. Hearing this Christian hymn confirms for me the presence of the Holy Spirit in our cause to strike down SB277. – Sharon Brown, Executive Director RRR
“The Anti-Compulsory Vaccination March” (by T. Matthew Phillips)
One day, a woman on Facebook quite by chance sent me a blurry snippet of ancient sheet music, from the 1800s, for a song called “Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Hymn.” This woman knows I play piano, so she asked me about the sheet music. The title of the piece captured my attention – as did its charming melody which instantly captured my imagination the moment I first laid eyes on it!
Surprisingly little is known about the song. It is rumored to have been the fight-song of the anti-compulsory vaccination societies of the era. But sadly, the song must have fallen out of favor as the societies became less active in the early twentieth century—in the wake of Supreme Court rulings that upheld compulsory smallpox vaccination.
The meter and tempo of the song suggest an up-beat, marching-band style, and it’s likely that activists performed the song not only in church, but also while marching in the streets of Philadelphia, Boston, or Washington, and I would imagine, in Leicester, Birmingham, and London too.
The woman who sent me the song was anxious to hear it, so I wrote for her a piano arrangement – faithful to traditional Christian spirituals of the day, but with more colorful harmonies and more intricate counterpoint.
For the music buffs, this piano arrangement pays homage to two celebrated pianists of the day, Claude Debussy and Johannes Brahms. And I topped it off with some ornamental flourishes like Liberace in Vegas! For copyright purposes, I changed the title from “Hymn” to “March.”
The lyrics are particularly moving, especially the refrain, which mentions sweeping away a compulsory vaccination law!—“Brothers in heart united, raise we our voice today; now let our vow be plighted, to sweep this law away!” Indeed! We hope to soon sweep away California’s mandatory vaccination law—SB277!
When I sent the woman an mp3 of the tune, she was blown away! She loved it! And I was over the moon! We were both amused at how the melody, once it enters the brain, becomes truly “infectious!” It was a blast! We felt like archaeologists who had unearthed a treasure that lay hidden for over a century! The song inspires like-minded activists!
And, to our detractors and naysayers, when they hear this enchanting melody, it will surely raise small, but discernible, inner-stirrings of profound spirituality – which compels our opponents to recognize our Abolitionist cause as both just and righteous.
Perhaps most significantly, as devout Abolitionists, we hear loudly and clearly the song’s spiritual message – “We Shall Overcome!” – and also its political message – “Demand Vaccine Abolition Now!” Listen closely!—you’ll hear these messages too!
So, ladies ‘n gents, without further ado: The Anti-Compulsory Vaccination March – by Yours Truly!
~~T. Matthew Phillips


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