The Afghanistan War LIE: How Biden BOTCHED The Withdrawal And Left Americans BEHIND With Taliban

A look back at some of this week’s best Rising moments.

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  1. Say I was republican and the Russians invaded US and sided with Republicans killing the democrats. Would I now love Russians. Obvioysly No because we are Americans. US murdering Talibans does not make other Afghans to love Americans.

  2. Talabans are Afghans. US is a foreign force killing their countrymen, men women and children indiscriminately. Why would they take US seriously.

  3. This may come across as cold but the pullout of our troops was announced many months ago so why did "US" citizens wait until after the pullout to try to leave? I suspect most of them were born in Afghanistan. I don't think we should get too many of our military killed in this totally botched withdrawal. Potato Head biden strikes again!

  4. If the US has the world's best fighting force, and the Taliban beat that fighting force in an armed conflict, doesn't that mean that the Taliban has the better fighting force?

  5. It would be sad if the Terrorists came to the United States – and started ambushing the police academies and FBI academy. With weapons and Grenade attacks like RPGs. That would be sad. This is why I dont like war. There would be so many casualties before they even graduate.

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