Ten Stages of Genocide

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  1. My brother laughs at my comments trying to inform him. He wants me to get jabbed so we can 'do things'. He got angry when I said I didn't know how he could watch the news he said "because I want a balance of opinions from people'. He is locked into this control grid and, sadly, so are most people I know. One can't get through.. They don't have the bandwidth to process this crime. I fear nature will simply delete such people.

  2. First thing that comes to mind when I see the picture is love. As for another platform, ever think about Blaze TV (formerly CR TV)? I think you'd be a great asset to that platform. Just a thought :0) Your friend from NC.

  3. One word for the picture, I see (affection).
    Reading out the "10 stages of genocide" made me feel like I wasn't alone. There are others out there. I pray that we can turn this phycialogical warfare around. I'm a newbie to your videos and I'm saving my lose change to buy a Savinelli roma 673. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Im smoking a pipe 1 year now, whenever I put that pipe in my mouth the whole world stops and the TV series "Logans run" goes through my mind. 😉 Time to buckle up!!

    Hello from Spain✌️

  4. I’m not too keen about the whole Hyppa thing although I do know I got denied for a long time ago when they passed that got to have insurance law or get fined at the end of the year when you file your taxes thing and I thought that was a giant scam to line somebody’s pockets. I notice a lot of the sugar Quetion stuff myself I don’t like it and then not to mention now they’re working on synthetic 3-D printed me to shut down our throats it’s just sickening. Have a great wonderful day may God bless and thank you for all the wisdom to share

  5. thank you for sharing about this bulcrap that is happening at this time. I have a inside source that told me about 6 months ago to get out of north america and europe within 2 years.

  6. my first thought of pic, was "Awwwww…..woman says I trust you to hold onto me and man reassures I've got you I wont let you go"

    not sure if a cloud service like Dropbox will allow you to store video so that you can later share link. We share videos with google drive but that may be censored. Youll have emails of your true fans. You have become part of my daily routine.

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