Taliban Will Attack Us If We Don’t Stay In Afghanistan | Absurd Propaganda

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  1. Lmao Kyle Kalinskis reading comprehension is so bad they said that major cities not American cities so they probebly Afghanistan major cities

  2. Try to think of a way to use money to help u ??? And make money out of it ? Too … Difficult . It's easier to drop bombs on someone Americans don't know .

  3. The press, they never even cared
    Why a youth leader walked into a speeding car
    In ten years or so we'll leak the truth
    But by then it's only so much paper

  4. Lets not forget we armed and organized Al Qaeda to go to Afghanistan to fight The Russians. We created our main enemy. The goal was to get Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan and we accomplished that in a few months. The Washington Post did an excellent expose of the mindlessness of continuing the war. The media didn't give it but one day.

  5. I was working in Kuwait and had to leave because of Shock and Awe, that was 18 years ago and the Kuwaiti people were not happy as the 1st Gulf War was due to them being invaded, they were scared and unhappy in 2003 but had no power to stop the US/UK etc……

  6. There's $3 trillion of mineral wealth (including rare earths) untapped in Afghanistan. That's all you need to know about why the U.S. wants a permanent presence there forever

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