Russian Girls About Bill Gates, Coronavirus and Vaccination

There is a lot of controversial information on youtube about Bill Gates, his vaccines, and coronavirus. In this video Russian girls will tell you what do they think about coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates, and vaccination.

We are not sure if this is a coronavirus conspiracy, either or not this is coronavirus myths vs true information.

The White House petition is real and more than half a million people have signed it. They want the US government to investigate Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for crimes against humanity.

Crazy Russian Adventures is not a conspiracy channel, we are a channel related to Russia and dating beautiful Russian girls.

This is why in this video Russian girls will answer a few questions about coronavirus outbreak, Bill Gate’s possible involvement, and his vaccines.

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  1. You should do this interview again almost a year later if people believe the numbers. Lol I'm curious peoples opinions on these topics now. Considering all we now know. From 🇺🇸

  2. you should search the united states patent and trade mark office web site and in the quick search for patent holder name type "bill and melinda gates foundation". They have patents of chipping of humans, corona patent and the real shocker is that the chinese government is partnered in on several of their patents. The government web site is not a conspiracy site, only facts.
    These 2 are planning on making trillions in the big pharma industry and the icing on the cake to him is achieving his goal of depopulation of humans on the planet by 20%.

  3. Bill got obsessed with anti-virus as windows used to have a lot of problems with viruses)) I wonder if Steve Jobs would care about viruses if he was alive.
    However, overpopulation is a huge problem nobody can deny that. But control is easy, make all countries economy similar to USA and western Europe. In that economy people refuse to have many kids if at all. It's the poor countries where people need at least 5 kids to survive and be cared in old age. In the west it's the other way around – more children – less prosperity))
    So economy will naturally balance population. Don't think vaccine would stop people to reproduce, some people are just way too fertile)))

  4. yes. Bill gates are totally responsible for this pandemic. the reason behind that the bill gates closed all the funds regarding the poliovirus vaccines to WHO recent two months. because he looking in a new direction for billions of peoples. MY QUESTIONS IS THAT IS POLIO BECOME VANISHED IN LAST TWO MONTHS FROM 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES.

  5. I like how he says when “you” are wildly vaccinated. Not we. Of course he wont take his own poison! The only reason they want us to be distant is because they fear our love very deeply, and they are right to, because it is powerful and they will not win

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