Robert Jensen The Color of the Race Problem Is White"

In The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. DuBois suggested that the question white people so often want to ask black people is, How does it feel to be a problem? This program turns the tables and recognizes some simple facts: Race problems have their roots in a system of white supremacy. White people invented white supremacy. Therefore, the color of the race problem is white. White people are the problem. White people have to ask ourselves: How does it feel to be a problem?

Following the ideas in his book The Heart of Whiteness, Jensen argues that — even decades after the significant achievements of the civil-rights movement and with an African-American president — it is still appropriate to describe the United States as a white-supremacist society, in terms of how we think and how we live. Through an analysis of contemporary racial ideology, Jensen presents a framework for critiquing the naturalizing of power and privilege in other arenas of our lives (gender, class, nationality, and ecology). How have we come to accept so easily systems of domination and subordination? How did we become resigned to hierarchy? How can we challenge the unjust and unsustainable nature of the systems in which we live?

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  1. I believe Barak Obama's election is indicative of an increasing level of consciousness. Had his voting not been through secret ballot, it may have played out negatively. I believe that deep inside, many white people would love to see things change.

  2. Not sure how i got here. I was watching liberals claim minorities are to stupid to get an I.D.. It'll do. Nothing funnier than watching a white guy babble about how other people are victims to his race. Marxism 4.0… Lol. Wonder how many people in the comments just dive on the victim ship.. Lets see…

  3. Whoo! Lord Jesus, I know I'm old now because these little children are getting on my last nerve. God bless 'em for trying. But hopefully in the 10 years since, they've advanced…

  4. The lecturer comes at it with a sense of ease and neutrality as anyone knows the subject of racism & discrimination isn't an easy discussion 2 have with folks who are seemingly nieve to the ways of people who stole, bought sold & traded in human misery and suffering and all while laying the blame on the folks who where kidnapped and made slaves by the (white people)

  5. As if there is no racism among blacks. Blacks are incredibly colour conscious and when it comes to questions about colour many, not all, are no better than any other groups when it comes revealing their prejudices regarding skin tone. After all, who uses the 'N' word more freely than blacks. There are reasons for white guilt, but white guilt is not going to solve race issues because that takes effort on both sides of the equation and there is no point in whites performing a mea culpa when it is greeted with dirision and scorn on the part of blacks as witnessed in the comments. It just stokes black racism against whites so I don't put a lot of stock in this sackcloth and ashes performance on the part of Mr. Jensen.

  6. This guy would be a great interrogator. he has a knack for asking questions and then answering with his own answers to get people to start thinking in a certain direction and these directions often agree with his own arguments.. for example the national character of America is completely subjective depending on who you ask. where is one might say we like to roll up our sleeves and get things done another might say it's a mixing pot of several diverse groups coming together to create new ,cultures, food, style, music, etc. But he needs this device to promulgate an idea that America can roll up its sleeves and accomplish anything. And that the reason standing between us accomplish mean the wealth gap between races is most definitely… Wait for it, racism. This guy keeps on spitting out his bankrupt ways of thinking and is going to pollute the young minds of today. We will never have any progress if people like this continue to promulgate bad ideas. Sure people were racist and did some bad s*** there's nothing we can do about it now except for acknowledge it change the policies and move on. if you want to play the correct for history game and everybody needs to go to their respective part of the globe, find the oldest tribe. and then among that tribe find the oldest member whose land was taken by the tribe proceeding it and give them back the land. for example anyone with Aztec history would go to Mexico City but then the Aztecs would have to turn it over to the people who had it before which were hunter-gatherers probably the Olmec society. And from these respective places everybody can just shut the fuk up. I'm down let me take my ass back to Germany or Scandinavia and I will be completely fine with our super homogeneous population what fun it will be with no diversity no exchange of new ideas no exchange of new anything!

  7. How simplistic! You have a black and white applicant and predominantly the white gets selected. Is that a white person doing the selecting? Did you test what would happen if it was a black person doing the hiring or did it not occur that it is possible? Black people lean toward their comfort zone just as much as white people. After all, we are all humans.

  8. The peaceful way to building an equal society is through the biblical morals of God. There we will all live by God's principal of LOVE….
    Because if you put LOVE into practice, you will find it truly WORKS!!

  9. Thank you sir for your unique analysis of this issue…
    I started researching for: How to Counsel people of colour, and was lead to your video…
    Racism IS the root of MOST problems today.
    God bless you! 😌🙏🏽

  10. Wanna piss off a racist? Tell him they hard truth about his history. Like the devil they hate the truth. And will defend their hate while lying that they are NOT racist. You can't argue with them. You can't reason with them. They'll never accept the truth. The majority of white people are racist. They just can't accept that they are evil. Any race that can do as many evil acts as the pink race has and find it ok, is evil. Period.

  11. "You can either make them give up the controller with Force or you can break the controller but they are not going to let it go submissively or easily " – Gus T Renegade

  12. Whites are entiitled, because they EARNED IT !!
    This has nothing to do with anything else. You claimed that WHITES created Supremacy, fine, they created everything else; hence they are doing better off than others.
    Smarter = Better Eucated = More Affluent/Richer.
    Who Advanced the World, Technologically – White Males- STEM Educated (Without the White Male, Advanced Civilization would unravel and cease to exist)

  13. I appreciate the professors way. His candidness & humility about the truth. He acknowledged how the deep rooted truth/presence of White Supremacy even effects his "sub-judgement"! These ppl just want to cover up their guilt not acknoeledging that past treatment and mindset is still in effect today. This was a good lil nugget.

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