Response to "Is This Torture?" by Amazing Polly


Response to: Amazing Polly’s “Is This Torture”?

Is This Torture?

Mind Creates Reality

Self-Created Suffering

Stop saying “I Want”, and start saying “I Have!” (Law of Attraction)

Hafiz ♡ I have come into this world to see this

Hafiz ~ Never say . . .

Some die in love of God. They are immoral. Their Bodies are immortal.
How Did You Die? – A Life-Changing Poem for Troublesome

א = 1 = 100 = עלץ = תם

אש = 301 = יצר עלץ = 1300 = 301 = רק עלץ = תם כפר = תם יצר = מסר עלץ = קרן מכל דור

מסכה = 125 = צהל = הצל

המסכה = 130 = צהלה = יחזה על = מפי = כלנו ביחד = סיני

   ענוי = 136 = העונה = תורת ענוג = 1135 = 136 = עלץ הצהלה = הצוהל

  אין = 711 = העולם = אשתי

סוף = 866 = ונתתי = נתתיו = כרצונך

אין סוף = 1577 = כרצונך אשתי = העולם כרצונך

יְהֹוָה = י שוא נע ה חלם ו קמץ ה = 2131 = 133 = המגפה = כסא אליהו = אנכי בכל = אדם יוצא את חוה = 1132 = 133

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  1. As far as being vegan, why didn't Hashem show us the way ? I seem to remember that He REALLY liked barbecues, and even told the Levites to make sure He got all the fat and blood. Do as I say, not as I do…

  2. Modern genetics tells us that persons who proceeded us by a certain amount of time, like maybe 4000 years ago (i.e. Abraham), are the ancestors of everyone alive today. So there you go, we're all genetically Jewish ! Maybe I created you Doreen.

  3. It's hard for me to accept that this "lockdown, fake pandemic, etc." are God's plan for us. I'd say impossible. It's one thing for a person to decide within themselves to be "more disciplined or stoic"; it's quite another thing when you're forced to behave in a lockstep manner.

  4. I love this video I was vegetarian for 9 years I'm going back dumping all meat in 90 days or so it's a little hard at first but feels great after 90 days f oh r me

  5. This woman mentions God a few times and Biblical torture but she says nothing about not the relationship of fighting against tyranny that causes torture. This new age witch parading as a Christian is so difficult to listen to as she throws out Greek/Hebrew words and expects us to accept what is being thrown at us for the sake of agony. I will not agree nor comply with masking the breath of life that God has given us! Smh.

  6. I agree. Some aren’t cut out for isolation. Families etc. But being lied to over a hoax to usher in fascism isn’t the model.

  7. i really miss seeing smiles. other than that the mask is no issue,. Many times when I have been brought to my lowest is when i call out to The Most High probably the most sincere, it would make since similar to how those moments as a parent we love our children and further when having to punish our children, never without REASON, and obviously never to hurt them.

  8. 👀👀 👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻 starting at min. 24..
    Plus, you can’t see the difference between self isolation and MANDATORY ISOLATION BY THE GOVERNMENT TO COVER THEIR BS?? Who’s paying you? Lucifer your shinny star that brings you joy when you wear a mask and confine yourself for self pleasure?

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