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  1. Someone else posted that video she made where she is mocking Erin. The people who commented on that video think that it's been digitally altered: her face has been changed, her voice has been slowed down or sped up, the pitch has been changed, etc. These are Q followers and now that she's a Qanon "commentator," they can't believe that she's actually this vicious horrible person. They don't know who she was before she became Amazing Polly. It is my pleasure to try and expose her as much as possible.

    How much money have these people contributed to her? What will her next grift be?

  2. Now that Amazing polly has been terminated off of Youtube, can you post a video going into details about your experience with her and the lawsuit?

  3. Question for anyone willing to indulge: At what point did this woman go away and resurface/rebrand herself as a conspiracy theory Qanon type of guru? Does she have mental health issues or is she just a con artist fraud selling salacious lies? Or is it both? Sounds like she really helped promote the Wayfair “controversy”. Does she care about the people she might hurt in her quest for attention and money?

  4. Whoa what the hell kind of place have I stumbled into?! Who is Amazing Polly? For gawds sake who are all you folks…such unkind comments I'm going to have to go have a look at her channel to see what all the drama is about…

  5. "Penis in the background"? Sexual derision; she actually went there? I'd almost say Polly's a disappointment, except I never followed her closely enough…

  6. Not only did her mask slip, it fell to the floor. Thank you for taking the time to do this video, it is very revealing about who this woman really is and it is very sad indeed that some people who really do need the help and understanding about narcissism will get caught up in her videos without realizing who she really is.

  7. Great video, you really nail her to the wall. You could almost go down a check list with her video. Wow, just wow. It is shocking to me how much narcs are alike.

  8. This came up on my sidebar so I'm re watching it. 15:55 BOOM!! She is projecting. That is something a normal person would not come up with. The verbose phrasing of the troll(s) is too familiar.

  9. As a former clinical professional, I would say you are dealing with someone here who is more in the diagnostic area of psychosis than narcissism. A far greater disconnect from reality than the narcissist.

  10. Deb: Sorry for off-topic request, but what software, tool or YouTube function did you use to get this picture-in-picture effect for this video? I think it worked well. Thanks.

  11. is SHE phoenix rising? She is superbly cray either way. Wow. Take a walk lady….go outside….get a life. I now recall reviewing her channel / videos in the past and NOT adding her to my subscriptions. I remember thinking she was a little bit drama but I am glad I missed all this.

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