re:publica 2017 – Lisa-Maria Neudert: Caught in the propaganda crossfire? Bots on social media.

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Computational propaganda – the use of information technologies for political manipulation – is on the rise. Social bots are crucial instruments in digital attacks: During the US elections 20% of all Twitter traffic was generated by them; and Trump bots outnumbered Clinton bots 5:1. During Brexit 1% of accounts drove nearly 1/3 of all traffic. Both state and non-state political actors have used bots to manipulate conversations, demobilize opposition, and generate false support on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Are bots weapons in a (cold) cyberwar? How are the used in the Bundestagswahl 2017?

Lisa-Maria Neudert

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany
(CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

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  1. The Iranians do it, the Trump & Hillary campaigns did it, the right wing extremists in the UK & Europe do it, the Hindu supremacists and Indian nationalists do it, the Russians do it, the Israelis do it, the Chinese do it, even ISIS do it (whichever intelligence agency/agencies is running them) and i've seen these trends myself – from pro-propaganda to anti-enemy propaganda to simply trying do boost their agenda and good image or pretending to be their enemies to troll people and change public opinion.
    Anyone who prefers the truth should be well aware of the above and then some, the sheer majority of such content on the internet is bots and not human information – leaving human information at around only a third in some studies.
    This is a scary world we live in and we need to be aware of what can be used to manipulate us.

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