Rebuttal to Amazing Polly's Video – Shocking Finders Tentacles Part 1

John Brisson and esteemed researcher Suzanne Thomas discuss why some of the Amazing Polly’s speculation about the Finders case in her video Shocking Finders Tentacles Part 1 is incorrect.

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  1. I love how all of Polly's fans come to her defense with insults, when Suzanne and I were quite civil when discussing her. Prove where I am wrong and she is right here on The Finders, please, and I will give you credit it and add it to my book. Keep white knighting for your queen. Then again likely some are bots or people in foreign countries paid by the greater psychographical warfare project put forth by Flynn and McChrystal. Sigh.

  2. Why don’t you make your own video about what she’s talking about and leave her out. I don’t think she says everything she says is correct but she tries to put the truth together. And she’s pretty clever vs the fake mainstream media.

  3. This woman screams CSIS. These days the shtick is to try and pretend to be on the “conservative” side since the “liberals” are busy screwing with Canada’s major source of GDP growth these days, that good old oil pipeline. Tomorrow when the roles are reversed, the narrative will change like a whirlwind. She has an agenda to propagandize people in the US, and she’s in Canada mind you. This all stinks pretty bad, obviously has handlers and is on script and on message.

  4. Amazing Polly is Amazing & fighting for Rights & Freedoms! Clearly these dudes are NOT! This low vibration looking for sensationalism rather then Truth….I would trust her any day over people wasting time in frivolous details! Judge yourself buddy.

  5. Polly leave out the most important part, who close it? It was Mr. Muller for the muller report, and I think, speculation, he was reward director of the FBI in 2000 for closing it. Think about it.

  6. I don't think this (man) will be liked by anyone who is listening, he is dumb and I can't listen anymore. Did he spend his time doing this silly research??

  7. She’s a right wing nut job! Any one person claiming to know the truth about everything can’t be trusted. YouTubers like her are just toxic manipulators playing into people’s anxieties.

  8. @We'veReadTheDocuments Do you know if there's a Canadian branch of the C.N.P. and if so, do you know what their name is please? Thanks.

  9. She proved to be a grifter. When she refused to acknowledge Trump's 180s, it was pretty obvious she was riding a financial wave that Trump was providing her and she has been consistant with her lack of analysis of the hot topic issues which could shed a negative light on her. Looks like we got us another Stefan Molyneux.

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