Real life 'Bond Villain' Klaus Schwab on the commodification of humans

The full video titled “Call to Action: Resetting the Social Construct | Jobs Reset Summit 2020” can be got here
I may blog on the commodification of humans and how it has been allowed to creep in via massive companies at soon.

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  1. (our position as rulers) more resilient

    sustainable (for them)

    fair (by our subjective definition)

    HUMAN CAPITAL, now there's a term that respects people as human beings



    "NECESSARY!" oh really?

    these people don't see you as human

    you are animal slave workers that do as you're told

    and don't complain about it, either

    consume and be entertained

    enrich those above you

    technocratic bread and circuses

    and whatever you do, forget about those silly old religions that your ancestors believed in

    the amalgamated, uprooted, deracinated, triumphantly average, world citizen

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