President Biden Set To Recognise The Armenian Killings As Genocide

U.S. Officials Have Indicated President Joe Biden Will Likely Soon Recognize That The Systematic Killing And Deportation Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Armenians By Ottoman Turks A Century Ago Was Genocide. He Would Be The First American President To Do So.

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  1. Even today So called modern countiries started wars in this region also in syria but turkish people has accepted 4 million syrian refugee for years while greece and others still let them die in the sea while only a few of them trying to escape to europan countries.

    who thinks that people can lost their lives in syria, azerbaijan, middle east and their lifes are cheap they are wrong.

  2. Politicians cause history but only historicans write the history.

    Watch historical films and evidence what has been done in the east part of turkey during first world war by armenians while we are fighting with russians and only women and childeren left behind while turkish people defending their country at west so called western countries and at east russian during world war-I
    armenians try also to take some lands in the meanwhile although living 400 years together.

  3. The American state was a terrorist.

    Vietnam – 4 Million martyrs

    Korea – 3 million martyrs

    In Cambodia and Laos- millon martyrs

    Afghanistan-million martyrs

    Black skin massacre-15 million martyrs.

    Hocalı-1992 massacre.
    Difference is they were wars, not ethnic cleaning, which turkey did.

    Look at world!!! 🇦🇿🇹🇷🇵🇰😭

  4. And when will you recognize, 30 March massacra and Khojaly genocide commited against Civil Azerbaijan people, by murder ARMENİANS. BUT THİS DOESN'T SERVE TO YOUR PURPOSE YES MR. B.

  5. This shines a new light on the recent Turkish/Azeri aggression in Ngorno-Karabagh against the native Armenian population. This "war" needs to be examined as an extension of Turkish genocide against the Armenians.

  6. America is the world's largest supporter of terrorism. It is America that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Japan, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Shamelessly accuses Turkey of genocide. Armenians killed hundreds of people in Khojaly and committed genocide against peaceful Azerbaijanis.

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