NBC Propaganda Article on Afghans Left Behind

NBC Propaganda Article on Afghans Left Behind

This NBC article titled “Fury and disgust at CIA, Pentagon, in Congress that thousands of Afghans will be left behind” is typical of the dozens and dozens of articles being cranked out on a daily basis since President Biden decided to pull all troops out of Afghanistan. The so-called liberal media is going after President Biden with full force in order to make it seem like it’s a mistake to leave Afghanistan and continues to mischaracterize the US occupation of Afghanistan to support the intelligence community, pentagon and the military industrial complex. The media is instrumental in pushing propaganda for those interested in continuing foreign military interventions and furthering a narrative that the US has done something good in Afghanistan via the US war in Afghanistan. NBC news offers an outlook on world affairs shaped through former CIA director John Brennan. NBC news and other media outlets can’t try to say they represent an independent free press when their coverage of events is filtered through top intelligence officers of the governments they are supposed to report on.

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  1. This whole things has been planned out months in advance, this is just a big show to get whatever they want to do next done. People are naive if they think any of this is by chance or bad planning. The U.S. and other NATO countries have all of the intelligence they need on Afghanistan and every country and group to know exactly how to proceed in whatever action they wish to take. There are think tanks that study and work out the details for any action we take or action that others might take. Basically if it's on the main-stream news be assured it's either being twisted to get people to think a certain way or it's just plain bs to achieve the same thing.

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