Mr Morrison’s vaccine rollout BS exposed

Mr Morrison has been caught out lying about his failure to secure enough COVID-19 vaccines, despite pharmaceutical company Pfizer virtually begging his Government to sign an agreement to supply vaccines to Australia. 

After months of denials from the Morrison Government, documents released this week reveal that Mr Morrison dragged his heels shockingly to secure a Pfizer deal for Australia, with the company not even able to get a meeting with Mr Morrison’s Health Minister.

What’s is most disturbing about Mr Morrison’s BS is not just that he’s misleading people, but that his failures are having an enormous impact on our lives right now. 
Thousands have contracted COVID. Millions have faced protracted lockdowns.
Health, welfare, jobs and livelihoods have all been hit hard. 
Mr Morrison was not only negligent, when it came to getting enough vaccines to protect Australians, he blatantly lied about it. 
When he said Australia was ‘at the front of the queue for vaccines’, he knew that wasn’t true. 
He didn’t even try to join the queue, when he had the chance. 
When Pfizer came knocking the Morrison Government delayed.

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  1. Keneally is well placed to identify BS, she's very familiar with it, been a manufacturer for years. ( but at least she hasn't blocked comments here, I give her credit for that.)

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