Media BLASTS Leaving Afghanistan As 'Illogical'!

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The U.S. military has withdrawn more than 90% of its troops and equipment from Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced Tuesday.

The update comes about two months ahead of the deadline President Joe Biden had set earlier this year. The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

The U.S. military has flown the equivalent of approximately 980 loads of material out of the country by large cargo aircraft, according to an update from U.S. Central Command.

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  1. A month later…the Taliban is about to take Kabul, thereby ending the Afghanistan government. So if Women's rights will be violated due to the Taliban taking over (women judges are fearing for their safety, for example) what is your solution on this? Tbh, I haven't heard anything yet from independent media regarding the situation in Afghanistan. It seems like out of sight, out of mind. Now that the troops are gone, we shouldn't care anymore…

  2. It kind of is though… We spend countless dollars, not to mention lives to rebuild the country as we did, only to pull out and let it fall right back into the state it was prior?? How is that not illogical?

    The question of should we be there or not is far past relevant at this point. The question now was should we preserve what we risked so much for, not to mention the lives within Afghan society, that we essentially pulled the rug out from under? It was this style of abandonment action in the 80's, that resulted in Osama's entire campaign against us, as well as ultimately 911. We essentially just went full circle here. That's not illogical?

  3. Wait, they left their bases, but not take any of their gear? or given the gear to the afghan goverment?

    they are leaving it behind so that the taliban can use it and beat the afghan soldiers and then they can justify going back in!

  4. Kyle doesn't understand what imperialism is. He thinks it's colonialism or neo-colonialism. Imperialism is the final stage of CAPITALISM. It is an economic system, not a foreign policy.

  5. Remember in the 1990s when everyone framed the Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan as one of the main reasons the Soviet Union collapsed? Remember how we scoffed at how stupid they were for fighting an endless guerrilla war there? Make it a US territory like Puerto Rico or it's an illegal occupation, time to leave. Not our country. We can't even rebuild our own nation at the moment.

  6. Even though I think Biden is doing the right thing by pulling out, as a European I'm afraid of a new wave of refugees. The US goes in and destroys countries, but Europe suffers the consequences.

  7. Re the belt and road in Afghanistan. China will prob just wait for the Taliban to take over, then deal with them. China has just completed a metro system in Pakistan. With projects like that on offer, the Taliban will be seen as heroes.

  8. The illogical thing about America leaving Afghanistan is that we have no exit strategy and we're basically abandoning the Afghanistan government with no funding or military training from America or the UN is stupid. I support leaving Afghanistan, but we could have done it better.

  9. what's worse than wasting blood and treasure for a year? wasting it for a year and a day. no empire has been able to bring afghanistan to heel. if the taliban want to rule over that mess, they can have it.

  10. Kyle, whats your opinion on Afghan civilian support for US troops in their country? Most polls I’ve seen say that people in Afghanistan hate the Taliban and really want the US military to keep them out of power…. I’ve even seen polls which say the people acknowledge the civilian deaths the US causes but still think it’s worth it to keep the Taliban at bay

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