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The destructions of farmlands in Nigeria-Africa and driving farmers away to become international displaced persons by Boko Haram terrorist was the first stage to make them lose all their natural seeds and crops, and now the second stage to replace their crops with the so-called ‘improved seeds’ used as the code name for GMOs and Hybrid seeds by Bill Gates.
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28 reacties

  1. They continue to try to kill people who gives them the right GMOs is another form to kill people GMOs is not good God created everything with a seed if it don't have a seed it should not be eaten simple it doesn't matter if you got trees of f**** dollars with God said he knows what he's talking about he's the Creator not Bill Gates Bill Gates is a f**** idiot he probably know how to remember his spell his f**** name

  2. So the question is if all these other countries is banning gmocs why isn't America doing it because America is f**** weak the leaders a week and the people are f**** weak and stupid

  3. Arrest and throw in prison Bill And Balinda Gates..❗ For crimes of genocide..Also, Forced vaccinations❗💉🩸🤢🤮☠☠☠👀

  4. it should be read Mondevil not Monsanto . but those who are trying to poison food and cut population forget that KARMA is watching ,sooner or later punishment is the Law of Life not Death

  5. Bill and Melinda are liberals, they don’t care about people, they care about control, their control! The Gates were in Wuhan China at the laboratory that developed Covid19 along with Obama and a ridiculous amount of US taxpayers money to financially support them. Dr. Fauci was also there and in 2017 Fauci said there would be a pandemic during the Trump admin. How could he know that if it wasn’t orchestrated! These are evil, evil people!

  6. Bill Gates is rather nervous as he is talking. This can be seen with his breathing and swallowing while talking. It is reported that Bill Gates is not Bill Gates but an imposter and his wife is a man. His wife does not look at all like the real Mrs. Gates when you put their photos side by side. Just what is going on here is something very evil. It is from those who are followers of lucifer evil stupid people… Do not be deceived these people do not have your best interests in mind. Whoever they are they are only planing on new ways of killing YOU off…

  7. She makes it sound as if it's all things to all, sounds too good to be true. Gmo's , he seems to have his fingers in all pies . Would you buy a used car from this pair ??? All about the money me think.

  8. There is proven fact of Melinda and Bill Gates crime against humanity why are they still able to voice their opinion and not in prison for all the crimes they have committed around the world

  9. The body language of both Gates is a dead 💀 giveaway (pun intended)! On the day of judgement, the 2 of them have so much to account for…

  10. Enemy of the and he gets qualified immunity. Sue him civil law or international law. Crimes against humanity. He was on TED talks. He has a formula to bring the population down to 500 million people. Genocide. We need the president of Judicial watch Tom Fiton.

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