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  1. That Amazing Aithest guy tried to make an alternative to YouTube as a platform but didn’t have the funds, time, or manpower to succeed.

  2. CNN straight ripped All Gas No Break’s front line footage without credit. CNN did not license the diet coup footage they showed, they stole it without repercussions.

  3. I got an add for a Trump gold bar before this. Trump supports Status Coup! I think they saw the word coup and just assumed it was about the presidential election.

  4. I luv the Lovely Ladies of the Coup! People keep referring to Biden's decisions as if HE is actually making them. My Dad is in end stage Dementia, and Biden is NOT making these choices w/o a lot of "guidance" from his Caregivers – I mean, Cabinet. Sure, his past shows these are moves he'd like, but Joe Biden is NOT competent to have car keys, let alone drive.

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