How did the Taliban take over Afghanistan so easily?- Hashmat Moslih -Analyst/Former Advisor- TPE124

Hashmat Moslish is a Journalist, Independent Analyst, Former Senior Producer at Al Jazeera, and advisor to the former President of Afghanistan, Burhanuddin Rabbani.

Hashmat joins us on the podcast to contextualize the rise of Taliban in Afghanistan. We get into a deep discussion on how the Taliban managed to take over the entire country so swiftly, where all did the US policy fail in Afghanistan, what does the future look like and what role should Pakistan play.

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The podcast is hosted by comedian and writer, Shehzad Ghias Shaikh. Shehzad is a Fulbright scholar with a Masters in Theatre from Brooklyn College. He is also one of the foremost Stand-up comedians in Pakistan and frequently writes for numerous publications. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder.

0:00 Contextualizing and Historizing the rule of the Taliban
24:00 Early Taliban vs the new young Taliban
32:00 Very difficult to attack the Panjshir Valley
34:30 Are the old Taliban commanders unconnected to what is happening in Afghanistan?
43:40 Western Media doesn’t understand Afghanistan
50:00 Liberalism and Islam
1:02:00 International Politics: Iran, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Afghanistan
1:08:30 Will Taliban accept money from anywhere?
1:14:00 The relationship of Afghanistan and Pakistan
1:20:00 The “Taliban” state
1:25:40 The role of China 
1:31:00 Islamic State in Afghanistan
1:34:00 What can Pakistani people do to help Afghans?

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  1. دلچسپ اور معنی خیز گفتگو ١١١ شہزاد صاحب مہرابانی. مہمان شخصیت فیڈرلازم کی اہمیت بتارے تھے اس میں شک نہیں کہ ہی صحیح راستہ ھے لیکن بہت مشکل راستہ ہے اور میں نہیں سمجھتا کہ طالبان اس راستے کو اپنا سکتے ہیں. وہ تو اسلام اور شریعت کی نفاذ چاہتے ہیں اور یہ ہرگز ممکن نہیں لگتا کہ جو سنی دیوبندی کا تصور اسلام ہے وہ آور لوگوں کا بھی ھو. بہرحال ھمارے نیک خواہشات ان کے ساتھ ہیں. اللہ ان کو امن سے نوازیں

  2. Something about the guests' argument is very unsettling to me. Some of his arguments seems to be of a Taliban sympathiser or Islamic hardliner sympathiser to me. Not that he cannot do that, everyone is entitled to their choice but it's difficult for me to digest that.
    A comedian was killed and his immediate reaction was he insulted Prophet Mohammad and I don't what the Islamic law is for that. I don't think any religion including Islam prescribes that, fanatics may. That's such a crazy thing to say.

    Afghan culture may be extremely conservative and may be women don't want to shed thier burqas by choice but that choice is not an outcome of free will. A choice to opt for burqa or hijab is valid only when women is empowered enough to know that they have a choice is the first place and then choose. As an ardent advocate of women's rights, I can't agree with him. Conservatism has most adversely affected women so just saying women too want that cannot be a reason to stop empowering and propagating liberal ideas to atleast let them know they have a choice.

    Ofcourse religion has been used as a political tool time and again in history and out of all religions in the world, Islam has been most used and exploited as a political tool. The guest doesn't seem to be too far from those section of people who let Islam to be used again and again. This is my opinion.

  3. host shehzad in one of the comments is shaming another person for equating pakistani taliban with islam. i would request him to clarify that what is it that the pakistani taliban is propagating that is against islam or not mentioned in quran, hadiths, or sunnat. Also i would like to ask him what quality of muhammad does he admire the most?

  4. At times the guest sounded very pro-Taliban. Like the way he said that hopefully when the Taliban have their own daughters they will change- I was like man. Wtf.
    At the same time I really found his explanation of the heterogeneos landscape of Afghanistan and it's rural outlook interesting. At the same time when he said things like Afghanistan is very rural and most people can't read Arabic I found a sort of …………I felt like he was painting Afghanistan to be very backward. It was a great conversation but I am still struggling with a lot of things. One thing you guys didn't talk about was about the fact that Afghans are desperate to leave Afghanistan. Why is that if the Taliban have changed or there's some hope of them changing?

  5. Talibans only need to change their mindset, that's all…follow the islam of UAE and other central asian countries… hardcore islamist don't take much time to convert to radical Islamist…

  6. Wonderful video. Got to see the extremist POV and how they are doomed. Let’s not forget that 99% Afghanis want Sharia as per PEW survey, they are going to get it now..

  7. I read this book by Tamim Ansary titled Games without Rules to understand the situation in Afghanistan. It is a very good read for anyone seeking clarity on the issue. It starts from the 18th century reign of Ahmed Shah Abdali till the Taliban and consequent US invasion.

    In such matters, often our personal morality gets conflicted with the idea of right and wrong. But, before passing a judgement one needs to know how we got here. The answer to this question is very painful and shows how this chaos is not the first for this country. I'd recommend everyone to read this book. Its easy to read and very engaging.

    BTW, thanks for the discussion.

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