Gloria – Laura Brannigan – Amazing Polly…!

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Amazing Polly
Riots & Lockdown – 4th Generation Warfare
Amazing Polly’s Video’s

My Mate Computer John went out with Italian Pop Star Umberto Tozzi’s Ex Girlfriend 🙂
Umberto Tozzi-Gloria

Laura Branigan – Gloria (Official Music Video)
Laura Brannigan – Self Control (Official Music Video)

My 2 Video’s where I talk about Laura Brannigan singing Gloria AND Our/Her Place In TIME…!
Know Your Limits..! What’s The Song at 26:20
Leaving Your Mark In Time…! Being Remembered…!

St. Louis Blues Win Game 4 – Crowd Goes Wild With “Gloria”
2019 SC Champs ST. Louis Blues Playoff Mix “Gloria”
Laura Brannigan Wikipedia

“If you could see your whole life from start to finish would you change anything?”
Arrival (2016) Opening Scene
Arrival Ending Scene

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  1. It's a mad world….. Ay up, there we go again…. I've been enjoying your videos for about a year… I like peepin in at your mad little world Jim/James 😉

  2. First started watching Amazing Polly when she used to do her skits on narcs. She is an amazing woman and helped smiled whilst in my initial shock at discovering what narcs and npd and bordeline personalities are. I honestly think such people are put on this earth by the adversary to prevent sincerely good people with ability to reach others from achieving the fullest potential. back to Polly, the best thing about her is she provides all the information and even if you don't agree with some of her conclusions the data is always there

  3. I said from day 1 that all this corona virus stuff was bullshit, but talking of joining the dots, last year we had a spate of stabbings and people being run down with a truck on Westminster bridge etc. That all died down with police pretty much shooting them on sight and then right on cue we had the extinction rebellion idiots blocking arterial routes through London etc and once people had had enough of that and the 2 guys on the roof of the tube train got dragged off and given a good kicking, that shit practically stopped over night. Then right on cue we had the corona virus with the lock down. I'm a radio ham, and I talk to a guy pretty much every evening for an hour or so shooting the breeze, and when I told him my opinion that the corona virus was bullshit, he said "But it's killing people, I don't buy into all this conspiracy stuff..". People have had enough of the lock down now and just ignoring where they can as people are no longer buying it, and would you believe it right on cue once again we get BLM riots..

  4. Hi Jim…amazing polly is good. 👍. I can’t say if the information is true or false but…definitely! She really does precent a good case….she is Canadian, but it on the mark regarding USA issues…what happens in USA has an effect in Canada….👍

  5. 9: 00, Its the one and only Chance Jim.
    Chance is the universe's side-kick.
    Yer mam and dad met by chance
    and you were born by chance.
    I was sitting having a beer at the top end of busy Main St. Gibraltar
    when i noticed a mop of blond hair walking toward me with a certain lilt in the walk.
    I said that looks like my primary school buddy and sure enough it was him.
    The same guy stood beside me, off his head, in a loo having a piss
    in a bar on Fulham Palace Rd. London a few yrs later.
    Chance works in very mysterious ways. Might even cal lit a miracle at times.
    Yea chance is my god. and your's. everybody's. white magic.

  6. I don’t know if you can remember Jim. I made a comment on your video about you being able to influence and make a difference in people’s lives in a positive way with your platform. Your proving me right

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