Gates Way Scam Review – Fake Bill Gates Exposed!

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Gates Way is a trading software which was as far as anyone knows established by the owner of Microsoft – Bill Gates himself. This claim can’t be further from reality as the initial segment of the presentation video is really stolen from a TED introduction. Gates Way System purportedly produces about $200 per exchange or an aggregate benefit of $1,455 every day. In reality, GatesWay is a fraud production. Bill Gates has no connection with this Gates Way Scam.

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3 reacties

  1. i half registered 3 days ago, they been constantly calling me and arguing with me when i tell them that i no longer want any contact because they are a scam and used a bill gates impersonator and stole the TED talk etc etc
    they come across as desperate n willing to say anything to try n convince u otherwise, even to point of arguing. customer skills are atrocious and their arguments are full of holes. wish id researched before i'd given over my email n tel. number.

  2. Yeah it's rather great how I signed up out of curiosity and then was none stop spam called from his workers from the United Kingdom and Singapore. I asked how to make it stop and the women said that they will never stop calling…. FUCK THIS GATES

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