GATES EXPOSED – Why is Jeffrey Epstein's money good enough for Bill Gates but not Donald Trump's?

Gates Foundation Exposed – Why is Jefferey Epstein’s money good enough for their philanthropy and global health initiatives but not Donald Trump’s?

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Business Insider Bill Gates addressed his multiple meetings with Jeffrey Epstein: ‘I made a mistake in judgment’:

NYT: Bill Gates repeatedly met with Jeffrey Epstein

Recode: Donald Trump and The Giving Pledge | Bill and Melinda Gates, Gates Foundation | Code Conference 2016

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  1. Forced to watch child porn for their job, Microsoft employees developed PTSD

    Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

    Epstein was involved with Gates personally and with his namesake foundation

    at one point in 2013, Gates flew on Epstein’s jet from New Jersey to Palm Beach, Florida, according to a flight manifest.

    Police arrested a Seattle man at Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ mansion for allegedly collecting more than 6,000 child rape photos.

    Rick Allen Jones, reportedly employed as an engineer at the Gates’ home, is also accused of trading pornography images via Gmail, won’t see prison time for that offense.

    In 2001 the U.S. government accused Microsoft of illegally maintaining its monopoly position in the PC market primarily through the legal and technical restrictions it put on the abilities of PC manufacturers (OEMs) and users to uninstall Internet Explorer and use other programs such as Netscape and Java.

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