Former US Marine SLAMS Media For Afghanistan Propaganda

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10 reacties

  1. Those politicians got voted into office by people. Yeah, if you couldn't vote at the time (I couldn't in 2001) you bear way less responsibility for starting the war, and the start is the most important part. But going forward, most Americans just didn't give a shit about Afghanistan after 2003. It should have been a major issue in presidential and national elections – it almost never was because nobody cared – there was Iraq and the economy and abortion and guns and five other issues that most people cared more about. For all of them, yes, they bear some responsibility. It's a bit lazy to criticize an article based on it's title alone, but on the title alone I'll defend it this much, and I don't even like the Atlantic.

  2. Bush is mainly to blame for the war in Afghanistan. He started it and made his pals richer. Under the Obama administration troops killed bin laden. Even with that “win”, if Obama had even tried to get troops out of Afghanistan at that time, the Republicans would’ve found a way to impeach him for it.

  3. Not for nothing, but to line the pockets of some. In that sense, it was totally successful. The human cost, suffering, misery, death, and trauma, for them, the more the better.

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