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  1. Ik wordt gebanned op YOUTUBE WEES DE WEEERSTAND……eat your heart out……YOUTUBE you will be held accountable for censuring people who speak the truth TRUMP 2020

  2. Je video maakt me enthausiast❣ Hij kwam omhoog toen ik Micha zijn kanaal zocht, want ik hoorde dat hij met Revolutionair Oonline van Youtube is af-gecensureerd.. Ofcourse I subbed 💖👊😎❣

  3. I can't get my head around how people who are beaten and bullied by the system in turn fight other people who are also victims of the system. How can one stand up against child abuse and not against racism and institutional violence? How are people outraged by human traffickers putting children in cage yet when their government is putting kids in cages they have no problem with it? When explicit material from one guy is leaked people lose their minds but when a girl states that as a thirteen year old she was raped by the now president where was the outrage?
    The net effect of this will be that we all know the world is run by the sickest of all people and noone gives a fuck.

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