Debunking Afghanistan Lies (Taliban Lies)

In Debunking Afghanistan Lies (Debunking Taliban Lies), we discuss some common Afghanistan lies/ Taliban lies and arguments against Afghanistan propaganda.

#DebunkingAfghanistanLies #DebunkingTalibanLies #Afghanistan

When presenting arguments against Afghanistan, I try to debunk Afghanistan lies spread by Afghanistan propaganda. The Afghanistan News of the Afghanistan withdrawal is a highly sought about topic, but the sad thing is, the main stream media outlets are not covering Afghanistan accurately. They make a lot of bogus arguments against Afghanistan withdrawal while completely ignoring the amount of public support on this Biden decision.

#DebunkingAfghanistanLies #DebunkingTalibanLies #Afghanistan

I hope you can watch this video as openly and skeptically as you are able to. My hope in debunking Afghanistan lies is to help other people understand why the people are in favor of the Afghanistan Withdrawal. I also look forward to reading comments with constructive arguments to counter mine.

#DebunkingAfghanistanLies #DebunkingTalibanLies #Afghanistan

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– Gerrick

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