CRIMES OF BILL GATES: A Global Vaccine Genocide (Final Solution!)

CRIMES OF BILL GATES: A Global Vaccine Genocide (Final Solution!)

Bill Gates Plans To Vaccinate The Entire Global Population. There will be a choice to take the vaccine or not take it. This will result who’s Righteous to God and Who Isn’t.

Do You Hear The Trumpets Roaring? This Is The Final Straw! There is still questions to ask, but when it comes to Reality… than you have to come to the Realization That There Is NO VIRUS… Period. This Is About Creating A New World Order, and The Rise of the Beast System!

🤝Sources & More !

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  1. are people insane here talking about Bill gates is evil? Why on earth are you qualified to judge a man who devoted 20 years of his life and 5 billions to charity, by just knowing some pity rumours conspiracy theory and did so little ?

  2. I love your videos of these realities of the world disgusting human beings acting like a good idea to have a lot of power and live life for few years more left from their ages (45-70) imagine them at 80 ..if they really willing to get thereand continue live more years till their brains eyes ears mouths noses finally get to know that how useless worthless hopeless is life compared to a natural clean honest true heart of a human being is,,,-
    just like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US had that exact perfect natural heart from the starting first day born to this shamefull and embarassing ly disgusting HUMANit life we today going through the

  3. Covert Operation Virus Imminent Destruction – 2019
    = COVID19. So not strange military is involved because it is a military operation.

  4. Amen brother that’s the key the only vaccine is JESUS CHRIST BLOOD 🩸 TURN to Him and repent .. we love you and GOD loves you more I trust in you Father

  5. Can we just off this POS? Did I say that? How many leaders in "3rd World Countries" (Like our own) are selling out? ALL OF THEM!!! You IGNORANT Lemming POS!!! Really???

  6. Look up US patent 060606 and the enzyme used called Luciferase.The website of Now the end begins is a good place to start.No weapon formed against us shall prosper.No poison shall in any way harm us.The Gates of hell shall not prevail!

  7. Let me get something straight. If person "A" gets vaccinated, while person "B" does not get vaccinated, person "A" still needs to worry about the person "B" contracting the virus person "A" was vaccinated against because, why? Isn't person "A" immune to the virus because he/she received vaccination? If everyone gets vaccinated for a virus, while person "B" doesn't get vaccinated, why does person "B" have to stay quarantined? Everyone should be safe, right? If everyone still has to worry about contracting the virus they were vaccinated for, what is the point of getting vaccinated in the first place? Person "B" should be the one worrying about catching the bug from everyone else, right? If they choose to not get vaccinated then they choose risk their own life, not anyone else's . Everyone else should be safe. Unless that vaccine isn't really a vaccine. The Typhoid Mary argument does not work if people have been vaccinated for typhoid. Typhoid Mary would not be able to pass the Typhoid virus to anyone who has been vaccinated. If people who are vaccinated for Typhoid can still catch the Typhoid virus, then what's the point of getting vaccinated for Typhoid? The same can be applied to COVID19. and every other virus. MANDATORY VACCINATIONS SHOULD NOT BE A THING FOR THIS REASON. Unless I am missing something,.. Like the vaccination is bunk in the first place? I'm just trying to work through the logic over here

  8. But did you know Hitler had a hospital that used girls to give birth to elite white children?? Question is who are those children. There were about (don’t quote me on it ) 10-15 born

  9. I've heard of a lot of Gates, like Nixons WaterGate, or ObamaGate, or Pizza-Gate, but GatesGate tops the lot.
    No to Vaccine.

  10. Bill Gates, G7 and the elites decided to introduce and implement the mark of the beast system and crypto currency!! The vaccine will be the real cause of death!! Depopulation through vaccines, famine, sterilization, hunger, 5G, HARP and WWIII!! Mainstream media is not showing real news cause they’re too busy pushing their agenda for One World Government, Religion and Currency!! God Almighty, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit will show every nation who’s really in control!!

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