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  1. Dont use the big 5 in Canada. Canada Economic action plan 2013 pg 145-146. They can use your deposits because you are an unsecured creditor. Give you back 0% Because CDIC does not have enough funds to cover $ losses. USE ONLY LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS!!

  2. Things to think about, Afghanistan boards China. There is a little sliver of land between Pakistan and Tajikistan which is Afghanistan Territory. Perfect country to smuggle top secret info and tech into China. ​Also we Know the Mainstream media Is the NWO mouth piece and all they do is lie. Why would this Afghanistan thing be any different. Everyone talking about Afghanistan sounds just like the news media They control your minds so easy and people fall for the same tricks over and over. What people think is going on is obviously not what is really going on. It shouldn't take months or years to figure this out.

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