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  1. I pray for everyone that took the Vax. You are literally a guinea pig. Antibody Dependent Enhancement, LOOK IT UP! Pericarditis, Cytokine Storm, LOOK IT UP. I PRAY FOR YOU ALL.

  2. It was not approved. It came out as comirnaty with the same EUA as the first Pfizer vaccine. They were supposed to have a panel of experts, doctors, scientists, etc… and it was declined. Read the " so called " approval. It is not an approval. And this is America where we have the freedom to choose what we want in our bodies. My body, my choice. Stand up for your rights , or the Fema camps aren't too far away.

  3. Hey , ….. nobody cares that the FDA approved it …. This is a bought and paid for approval….
    Keep pushing these mandates ….. and a a civil war you shall have.

  4. Another conspiracy that has been proven to be true. This news shows without a doubt that millions of people have been taking an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, Biden included. After months of denying that the injections were not EXPERIMENTAL, it is now discovered that they indeed were.

  5. How about we say something about Sweden? There were no mask mandates and no lockdowns and they are perfectly fine. Going forward, most European high income and rich countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, etc.) made it illegal for any public or private organization to enforce any type of vaccines (so over there no employer can say you have to take some shot to work here, same for school entry, or doctors or nurses – they are not required to take any form of vaccine, not even a flu shot). How about you worry about the fact that according to CDC, 70% of Americans are overweighted, including obese? How about you worry about the food you serve in schools (burgers, sweets and soda) instead of masks? How can companies mandate a vaccine and lecture us about health when they have snacks and sodas full of sugar, unhealthy fats and dangerous chemical preservatives that they serve or sell in the office? When was the last time those employers talked about diet, exercising, percentage of body fat, weight and counting your calories? Ohh, wait, that would be offensive.
    So, again, how can we explain that several rich European countries do not give any legal power to any type of organization to mandate any vaccine and US does and their population is not healthier? The US we know lectures other countries about freedom?
    Masks are controversial, but no organization (hospitals, elderly care units, schools, universities, private employers, etc.) should have any power to mandate any form of vaccine!
    Let’s stop being brainwashed and let’s pressure the US legislators to amend the current regulations and make it illegal for any US governmental or private organization/entity to enforce any type of vaccine! This is not an anti-vaccination movement, it is rather about giving common sense freedom to everyone. It’s enough that there is no universal healthcare in the US and that all states except for Wyoming have employment at will, at least that’s what we can do to treat the employees more decently and not condition their right of work or study on some vaccines! Let’s be decent human beings and improve ourselves in terms of physical and mental health before worrying about what others are doing.

  6. REUTERS (July 28) — Pfizer says 2021 COVID-19 vaccine sales to top $33.5 Billion, sees need for boosters

    Pfizer Inc. on Wednesday raised its 2021 sales forecast for its COVID-19 vaccine by 29% to $33.5 billion, and said it believes people will need a third dose of the shot developed with German partner BioNTech to keep protection against the virus high.


  7. it took decades to develop the flu vaccine, and still 50 to 70,000 people a year die from the flu. the coronavirus, in the COVID-19 form, isn' a variant seen in nature, it's origin and Evolution are all unknown, especially since the CCP has not allowed outside investigation or access their Data. but you're going to tell me that in 14 months, they developed a perfect working, perfectly safe, vaccine? they haven't even had time to follow proper protocols. especially given this is a virus never seen before, that mutates at an accelerated rate. how is this going to shake out in five years? 10 years?

    I smell money, political gain

  8. This changes nothing. Our society has already descended into madness. This will never end until the USA ceases to exist and becomes a totalitarian society. Mark my words.. life will not be worth living in another decade.

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