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  1. Lo0Ol, …there is a HPV vaccine that thAt helps prevent HPV -16, -18 & -32.

    The HPV-16 virus has been somewhat correlated with cervical and penile cancer.

    Uhm, HIV-1 & HIV-2 are strains if the HIV virus. HIV is a lentivirus.

    Lentiviruses 'r' different from respiratory viruses such as the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Influenza A-C and the seven (7) known types of coronavirus 🔍.

  2. Graphene – for drug delivery, faster DNA sequencing, affinity to neurons = mind control
    DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide, cryoprotectant to prevent cell death during the freezing process
    Cryopreserved vaccines – to keep cells alive
    Two hours thawing viability – live cells deteriorate after 2 hours, need to inject vaccines within this time frame, need for living tissue to survive.
    Graft vs Host rejection – need to monitor vaccine inoculated person for adverse reaction – why? because of foreign transplant of something alive.
    Let all that info sink in – what is deduced?

  3. I don't think it's anti vaccine, it's fear of the unknown vaccine, for real if you ask those who don't be vaccinated now they have been vaccinated before. They only need to understand.

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