Challenge to Amazing Polly hereby challenges Amazing Polly to experiment with our Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes and expose the convergences of Wealthy Elites and Political Elites in the “Food & Health” industries that deliberately ruin our health and then profit from our debilitation.

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  1. EXCELLENT… yes do more, links and information, but share it yourself and add the REAL SIDE of this control by the ALIENATION ….
    but we are making the real limited by focusing on the 'effects' only , and we really don't need this old system at all..
    and we can do this ourselves…growing the foods, sharing the Real Awareness
    with no need solving the puzzle of Reptilian korporates BRATS, and BEING REAL… intellect not needed…
    ROGER……see paneaglesong yutu and seeoceanus work with natural environment and WWWE world wide educators and share your Reality with NU'US ..
    the NUU Nations United and those of Real NatUre……

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