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  1. From bottom to top the complete narrative in an English translation. Not perfect English ( it's a Google Translate translation) but it's a translation.


    I have put everything together again.


    The elite of that time plus the satanists and pedophiles want to expand the power they have and pass it on to their children.

    Those were the people I saw talking to each other at the Speel en Werkhoeve school and the Vogelnest. They listen carefully to the red man.


    Some people hurt me.


    Requirements for an MK Ultra program:

    The elite kids and other kids they have access to. Then guinea pigs (guinea pigs) to test, experiment on. Nazi practices, pure Satanism, arousing alter egos and pain too. Testing medication, LSD and other things: patches under your nose or on your mouth. Always from behind, so you don't know who it is.

    The guinea pigs are blamed when things go wrong and the elite kids learn to lie. The elite children learn to pay others for something. They also all get an ice cream and we don't.

    It starts with little things, then gets worse. Marcel van Spengen they break his foot or leg in front of the class. All children have seen this. He cried out. In the back of the school they hurt him even more on the same foot bone.

    “ Say you fell. “I can hear and see it clearly.

    Ans van Reeuwijk is also there. Jaap van Dissel broke Marcel van Spengen's leg or foot. Doctor Bastiaansen was also there.

    The elite children had to hurt us, but usually they were big men who hurt us at the address Lark 8 Bodegraven. Next to the school. We were also hurt in the back of the bird's nest school. It was dark there because of closed curtains. They give orders. For example, a child is helped with something, for example. I had to get a book. A simple assignment, but Jaap and the doctor stopped me. The elite child has seen that. 

    Elite children are helped and we are stopped.

    They'll pull you out of class in no time. Jaap van Dissel rapes me and lets me look through the window at my father's school.

    “ Take a good look, he says.” That is at the Spel en Werkhoeve location next to the school where my father was principal.

    The Good Shepherd school. Then he puts me back in the group.

    Ans van Reeuwijk smiles and asks "Would you like to say something?"

    I say no."

    “ I thought so,” she laughs.

    There was another woman during the role play.

    So this role play is about before the girl was killed, a role play was played. And that happened at location Het Vogelnest.

    Eh, I'll just read it because it was wrong here:

    There was another woman during the role play. E and was Ans van Reeuwijk. The other woman was a woman with long black hair. Now I suspect that mum and dad Koopman, the father and mother of Citana, who was also there, play a role. Rolf Meyer was there too. He's also bad. Just look at the pranks he did Dimar. Pack his girlfriend and take his money. Cyril Bastiaansen was also there with her father Frans Bastiaansen, who is leader of the pedo network with Jaap van Dissel.


    Was signed.

    Joost Knevel


    Recorded November 7, 2020.


    " So effe for clarity: That role is played have joined them for the murder of the girl and the elite children, but they did not need to look at the murder. So they were taken back to the Speel en Werkhoeve location. And that is what Ans van Reeuwijk and that woman with long black hair took them back and I was left with Marcel, Dimar and Robbert.

    The girl is sitting on Jaap van Dissel's lap and Dr. Bastiaansen is on our right behind a kind of 'tent', yes that ould have been a slide. I think they included it. The girl is sitting on Jaap's lap and Jaap van Dissel says to the doctor: "How?"

    And Dr. Bastiaansen says: "Just turn."

    Then Jaap van Dissel says: "This girl has been very honest at home and if I don't know anything about something, then it's fair."


    He broke the girl's neck to the left.

    The elite kids didn't have to watch that.

    And at the murder of the boy there, only I was present, Jaap van Dissel and Dr. Bastiaansen. And Bastiaansen cut that boy open from top to bottom, from under his chin to the bottom of his stomach. He did that with his right arm.

    And the syringe that he put into the boy's mouth did it with his right arm too. And I could see it from my seat about ten feet away.

    Eh, yes, it was, I think. I hope I have spoken it so clearly. ”

  3. The declaration


    Joost reads:

    “ Declaration. Report against JT (Jaap) van Dissel, director CID RIVM, FJM (Frans) Bastiaansen ex-general practitioner in Bodegraven, Ans van Reeuwijk former director Casa de Bambini (born 1944 and past in 2018).


    I am Joost Knevel, born May 11, 1978, Kievitsheuvel 76, 2411 LM Bodegraven. Gijs Knevel's son, Tineke Knevel is my mother.


    I Joost Knevel report satanic child abuse, child abuse, the forced to watch child murders and the forced to endure mental abuse, physical abuse, torture and MK Ultra brainwashing.


    This was done by my doctor, also friend of my mother mr. FJM Bastiaansen, his companion Jaap Tamino van Dissel and director Ans van Reeuwijk of Casa de Bambini and Speel en Werkhoeve.


    The abuse started at an early age at the doctor's home at 81 Boezemsingel in Bodegraven. There he had his home and practice. I was systematically raped there by Dr. Bastiaansen while babysitting. The memories of this started early with images of memories that I got. Until I realized that I was stuck with the doctor and that I could say that as a young child. Immediately doctor Bastiaansen informed me that I was not allowed to say that to my mother.


    Reminder 1:

    Doctor Bastiaansen takes me to the address Leeuwerik 8 in Bodegraven. I have been drugged. I can feel it in the car. We drive a short distance, we turn right twice. That's where disgusting things happen. I am thrown around and abused by several people and tortured with electricity. I am drugged back to the Boezemsingel, to the practice of dr. Bastiaansen. I estimate that this goes on for years from when I am 2/3 years old.


    It continues at Casa de Bambini, where Ans van Reeuwijk also joins in with the horrors. I am starting to recognize people: the red man Jaap Tamino van Dissel is the worst. He almost killed me at 8 Leeuwerik in Bodegraven.


    Reminder 2:

    Doctor Bastiaansen is with me at Leeuwerik 8 in Bodegraven. He's looking after me. He says: 'Someone will be there in a minute, you have to listen carefully.' Someone comes in. 'Hey Jaap', says doctor Bastiaansen. They talk a bit. Suddenly Jaap van Dissel looks at me and says: "Upstairs you."

    I say "I don't want that." He pulls me upstairs by my hair, strangles me, rapes me and brings me down again in a comatose state, carrying me in his arms. The doctor is startled. Jaap van Dissel laughs. He says, 'You are the doctor here.


    So I recognize this man as Jaap Tamino van Dissel. I recognized him immediately when he suddenly appeared on television a lot in February / March this year 2020. I also clearly heard the name Tamino at home (ed. Tamino means twins) in conversation between my parents. It was about a birthday at Dr. Bastiaansen's home, where my mother always went alone, because she was a friend of Jo ë l Bastiaansen. That is the deceased wife of doctor Bastiaansen. This person, Jaap van Dissel, raped me several times. He also did this at the Speel en Werkhoeve location. Ans van Reeuwijk agreed. Ans van Reeuwijk then just put me back in between the elite children. I was very unhappy. Ans van Reeuwijk always made things worse. She lied to my mother and Dr. Bastiaansen also lied to my mother about everything. There are more people who have violated me. I don't know who these are. I recognize Mr Breijaard from Bodegraven. I was also abused in the Catholic Church by someone who works there. 

    I was taken to the Catholic Church by Dr. Bastiaansen, I was raped in an old building next to the Catholic cemetery where the Albert Heijn now stands.

    The abuse ended in 1984 and has never happened since. I recognized several people who were at the Casa Bambini, Speel en Werkhoeve and the Vogelnest at that time, including Robbert Jan Blaauwhof, Dimar Francken and Marcel van Spengen. These guys were also removed from the group by Jaap van Dissel and Frans Bastiaansen. Ans van Reeuwijk agreed to take me and the other boys with him. They too always came back totally upset.


    The MK Ultra program continued at the Speel en Werkhoeve location. At that location I saw that Marcel van Spengen's leg or foot was broken. There was a whole group of elite kids. I recognize Cyrille Bastiaansen, Rolf Meyer and Sitana Koopman. Jaap van Dissel broke Marcel's foot or leg. At the back of the school I had to see how they hurt Marcel van Spengen even more. Jaap van Dissel, Dr. Bastiaansen and Ans van Reeuwijk forced Marcel van Spengen to say that he had fallen instead of telling the truth about his leg / foot breaking. So they scared me to death! I also had to watch an infanticide at the location of the Bird's Nest. There Jaap van Dissel broke the neck to the left by Jaap van Dissel in front of me, Marcel van Spengen, Robbert Jan Blaauwhof and Dimar Francken. Jaap van Dissel was instructed in this by dr. FJM Bastiaansen.

    Prior to that murder, many elite children were role-played. 15 approx. I have recognized three: Jeanine Plasschaert (now Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert), Cyrille Bastiaansen and Rolf Meyer. They let these children decide the fate of this girl who ended up breaking her neck. I now recognize this as MK Ultra Mind Control.


    Reminder 3:

    We are located at the Bird's Nest. Dr. Bastiaansen says: 'She has everything told honestly at home, that's why we are now here. Who likes it here? ' The children decide. Ans van Reeuwijk with another unknown woman bring the elite children back to the Speel en Werkhoeve location. I will be left with Bastiaansen, the girl and Jaap van Dissel. I also see the other three boys Marcel, Robbert Jan and Dimar. They also had to watch the girl get killed. Jaap van Dissel asks Bastiaansen 'How?'

    'Just spin', says Frans. CRACK. Jaap van Dissel turns her neck to the left. I'm in shock. Later I walk again in the Speel en Werkhoeve.

    I see a black zippered bag. The doctor says, "I'm going to put you in a bag like that too."

    He takes care of me this day. There is a criminal investigation department in the school. The doctor takes me to his house. There I am sitting on a chair in his practice. The phone rings. Frans Bastiaansen says: "Oh, he just had some bad news." I am put in a child seat in the front of the Volvo station wagon. We drive to the apartment building next to Vromade. I can see a ground floor apartment from the car. The doctor gets out.

    I see a screaming woman who is completely upset. Hysterical. Two police officers in uniform. The doctor gets back in and says, "You don't want a mother screaming like that, do you?"

    Then he took me home.


    Reminder 4:

    In Leeuwerik 8 in Bodegraven I am back with Bastiaansen. I'm sitting on a chair. Suddenly Jaap van Dissel enters. With a boy. "Here's another one who can't keep its mouth shut," he says.

    The doctor gets up and packs his suitcase. The boy is on his back. Jaap van Dissel stands at the head of the bed and holds the boy with both arms. The doctor takes something with his right hand. Does something to the boy's mouth.

    'Then we won't hear him,' says Bastiaansen. Bastiaansen is standing at the table to the left of the boy. I see it from the other side

    about three meters away from it. I am forced to watch from the chair. Bastiaansen makes a cutting movement from the chin to the bottom of the abdomen. He takes something out, puts it in a white container. Then they take off arms and legs. Shortly afterwards Jaap van Dissel runs off with the tray.


    I heard my mother talk about a girl who fell at Spel en Werkhoeve. The doctor had to come and see if nothing else strange had happened. I heard her say this on Anneke Knetch's birthday my aunt. I also heard my mother talk about a report with the same aunt Anneke on an earlier birthday. My mother was actually not allowed to say that by the doctor.

    Bastiaansen have my parents be heavily ï affected to put me out of the house. That eventually succeeded. What also succeeded in withholding my medical records. Lying to my parents and abusing my oldest sister Mirjam Knevel. I've seen that myself.

    Bastiaansen hypnotized my sister in his practice at Boezemsingel 81. Then we were taken to an abuse location at Leeuwerik 8 in Bodegraven. My sister was abused there. I had to watch. After that, Miriam is in a hypnotized state and programmed with false information that I had done something wrong with the doctor. The bomb exploded after he did this. I was about five or six years old. After that, from my twelfth year, I ended up in a heavy justice gang stalking program. Many prison sentences, often for nothing. I have been falsely charged with a serious crime, they committed character murder on me, they destroyed me financially. I eventually fled abroad with my family. Now I am seriously traumatized and certainly able to file a clear report against these persons who abused me in this satanic pedophile network and who tested MK Ultra horror on me.

    They called me GUINEA PIG.

  4. In this chapter of Joost Knevel's story, we are going to discover how names, locations, events and abuse practices are intertwined,” the narrator introduces.

    " Through months of research, we have been able to make connections between the various parties involved."

    Hans and Wouter stand in front of a huge piece of wrapping paper that is hung on the wall and serves as a poster for their detective work.

    Wouter opens: “With drone images undergarments you can see exactly how it works. It's all right next to each other. Those children were taken from one location to another, without anyone even noticing. It really is that simple. These three boys, he points to the names of Marcel, Dimar and Robbert Jan, besides Joost Knevel, all three are no longer alive.

    They should all have been 42, 43, 45 years old now. ”

    The narrator: “This reveals a wide network of child abusers who do not even shy away from murdering children. So we will see, among other things, how Joost's memories have come back bit by bit and can be linked to demonstrable facts. Such as: Who was when in which place, what did he do there, why was he there and how does this person suddenly get so much money. ”

    We witness a telephone conversation between Joost and a still unknown person. This conversation runs via Wouter's mobile, who holds the device that is on the speaker. Hans is opposite:

    Joost to the individual, not yet disclosed to the reader: "… but he still didn't have a good feeling about it either."

    The individual: “No, none of us. Is not true. It just isn't possible. ”

    Joost: “We have to talk about it and then those people who understand it might be able to tell what happened.”

    " Yes, yes."

    " I think that's good of you … .."

    " I'm happy with that."

    " If something is not right, then it must come to the surface."

    " That's what we do it for." Call ended.

    On screen is a clip of Jaap van Dissel who is visited by King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima.

    “ It will also become clear why certain individuals recognized by Joost suddenly turn out to have enormous sums of money, while their homes are not even registered in their own name. If, during or after reading these developments, you remember anything that has taken place in relation to this case, please let us know through the above channels. Together we can put a stop to these bizarre practices. Those who remain silent consent and will eventually experience the associated consequences themselves. ”

    The clip shows Van Dissel leading the royal couple on a working visit to a warehouse where all kinds of material is piled up. The couple looks rather disgusted; Maxima even grumpy and uncomfortable.

    We can also distinguish three frames in the clip, which 1. shows the following conversation with Save the Children:


    " Are they some of your abusers / people who were involved in the Joost program?"

    Joost responds: "I am googling some of them as I'm not familiar with the."

    " Yes. The leader the red one. He kill the girl. ”

    " Van Dissel?"

    " Yes. Everybody is scared so scared. ”


    2. A photo shows Ans van Reeuwijk together with her husband Kees van Reeuwijk, who both received a royal decoration during the ribbon shower in 2016.

    (' From 1976 to 1985 she was chairman of the Bambi Playgroup in Bodegraven. Under her leadership the parental contribution is

    adjusted so that every toddler can go to playgroup.
    In addition, from 1981-1985 she was a member of the Senior Citizens 'Council and then the participation council of the Speel- en Werkhoeve primary school in Bodegraven and from 1985-1993 a member of the Parents' Council of Secondary Education Sint Antoniuscollege (HAVO-VWO) Gouda.
    In these roles she actively devoted herself to representing the interests of parents and pupils on (important) school-related subjects and she actively contributed to the school policy to be pursued. ' – according to the official report.

    Her involvement in playgroup Bambi and primary school Speel- en Werkhoeve in the years '82 and '83 naturally make her partly responsible for the satanic game that took place there at the time.

    Joost will return to her in his declaration.


    The third box shows an email conversation between Ciska H. and Ellen from Groningen. She writes:

    “ Hi Ellen, I cannot help you further, I was born in 86 and I have never heard anything bad at my school in Bodegraven. When I was a toddler I went to another school located next to Bambi kindergarten but luckily I saw no child abuse there either. I have known Manon Duiker almost all my life, and I dare to put my hands in the fire when I say that she is not a liar, but an honest and loving person. I cannot do more for you. Hope this is not true, but if it is then I wish you luck. For all children who are in an unsafe situation and have no voice! ”


    We make a short flight over Bodegraven.

    Then Micha Kat's voice comes to the fore that accompanies an email:

    “ Micha Kat people, deep behind enemy lines (he always opens this way) quotes: a message from the victim of the Bodegraafse pedo network, in which Jaap van Dissel, according to this statement, played a very prominent role together with the local

    general practitioner Bastiaansen. We can also tell a lot more about the latter, but we will keep that all. But now it is about Joost, who tells us the following: 'Hello Netherlands (the mail is from August 26, 2020) everyone will think why don't you go to the police? That's not such a good idea for me !! I'm going to show you that they are involved in this !!!! I am idd joost knevel Did Micha accidentally on purpose !! Doesn't matter, Micha, we won't end up here without a name !! I make an appeal to everyone who attended the mavo groen of the prinsterer school 1990 1991 bodegraven Before I was kicked off that cancer school, I was taken out of class by the police by Mr. Loos !! Old VW bus enters schoolyard Take me with you !!! THAT MAY NOT TAKE MINOR CHILDREN FROM THEIR SAFE ENVIRONMENT !!! THIS IS MR WEIJLAND ALSO MOTORCOOL POLICE HOLLAND MY PARENTS DIDN'T KNOW THIS !!!! NO LAWYER !!!! ….. 

    Kat's comment continues: “So this was done on behalf of the pedo network, with which the victims, in this case the children who had been abused as the children who witnessed the girl's murder, have been kept by the police for their entire lives. command of the pedophiles intimidated. Up to and including long prison sentences.

    Well folks the clock is ticking. I also understand that Chris Klomp has been stopped by the AD to publish about this via a very reliable source. Chris Klomp thought he had found a stick to hit me with it. We will keep you informed. For your freedom and happines. This is the story people. We are ruled by utter criminal psychopaths. You have to imagine: Van Dissel, about which Rutte said: 'I'm not going to say anything about Corona. No, he Jaap van Dissel! That's the man. That is the man who is going to make decisions about life and death. That is the man who will determine the fate of the Netherlands. That drives people into their suicide. social distancing, that is the man of the masks, that is the man who is going to chastise and destroy the Netherlands on behalf of the Bilderbergers. That's a pedophile, that's a murderer probably according to this statement Joost. Imagine what we are doing in the Netherlands. Everyone with power, everyone in positions of influence is in the pedo networks or as an active pedophile or as a service provider or as a facilitator. Look at that Ralph Hamers from ING. Well people, we'll leave it deep behind enemy lines. More to come. ”


    (Micha Kat, the inventor of guerrilla journalism, has made many enemies in the Netherlands, has been imprisoned many times and unjustly and eventually fled the country. At the moment he lives and resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland.)

  5. The narrator: “The abuse of children may be the greatest horror ever caused by man and should be rooted out of every society. Neither Joost, nor we, will remain silent about this until everything has come to light and the corresponding measures have been taken with regard to those responsible. Our country must be a safe place for every child to grow up in love, freedom and safety into a strong adult, both physically and mentally. ”


    The men are in the car and the following conversation unfolds:

    “ Some more images of Bodegraven. It all looks very sweet. ”

    Hans responds: "Is all outside."

    Wouter: "Yes, it is all outside."

    "You see that more often."

    “ Yes, it is just very sweet, people on bicycles, sweet and cute. You just see young children cycling alone. It is therefore not the case that you see the child accompanied. That strikes me too. I think everyone thinks it's all super safe here. ”

    " It is of course not as bad as it was then …"

    “ Well, I don't know. I don't think the same, but I fear the worst Hans. I fear the worst. Yes? The things that we now tie together I now hear about day care centers, of which I think 'hmm'. There is someone who signals that there are men with cameras on a schoolyard and then you are no longer put to work anywhere. Is that normal then. I do not know."

    And a little later: “Yes, bizarrely enough a normal, Dutch residential area. Nothing to see, nothing to notice. Little renovation here and there, people are at work. A beautiful day at the end of September in which we have just been told that we are more stupid than the people in The Hague think, namely that we are going to accept everything. Yes, not! No, you know, way! ”

    Suddenly the head of Rutte appears, who makes his 'famous' statement: “You just have to shut up when you're sitting there

    and don't shout. ” (He's talking about attending a soccer game.)

    Hans: "Yes, and we are not going to shut it up."

    Wouter: “No, we will certainly not shut up. The only mouth that needs to be closed is his. And from Mr Van Dissel, because it just closes for a very long time. All his holes. Notably, so are pores. So, um, I fear the worst for that man. If he would know what we now know, he will not sleep well, I think. I sleep fine, do you? ”

    “ I think we should inform Schiphol,” says Hans.

    “ Again? Is another going away? ”, Wouter scoffs. He smiles. Well, I've already invited several to take the plane, but they're not doing it, eh. There are all kinds of people who say that they are all clones that are in The Hague and that they are all projected press conferences, that they are no longer real press conferences … ”

    To which Hans poses the rhetorical question: “Why do you convert someone and then put a clone in its place, which continues to do exactly the same. Nice and handy. ”

    " All misinformation."

    " All bullshit to distract you from reality."

    “ The harsh reality is that we have to fix it ourselves and we are fully behind it. And Micha, Micha Kat, how long has he been in the Netherlands now? ”

    “ Thirteen, thirteen years old.

    “ Thirteen years ago he had to flee because he did exactly the same things. So let's see who does the real work here. ”

    He is referring to the government, which is absolutely absent.

    “ At least not anymore at the NOS. I agree with Micha: the NOS must be black. So get around it, stand by those fences, I would say. Just put that tent down there. ”

    " Where's that guy with that fake gun when you need him?"

    Hans here refers to a hostage incident at the NOS in January 2015, in which an emergency pistol was used.

    “ Yes, if a folk hero has to be killed then hunt they put three bullets through it in the case of Pim Fortuin, but in this case it's a different matter. I think we should do it ourselves, but through the normal roads. The neat roads.

    That's what we do, exhibit. ”

    They have arrived at their destination and get out.

    “ Here we go. To the scene of the disaster. Where it all started. For four young children in particular, four boys around the age of four, five years old. It is unbelievable. I just say it again, every time: incredible! ”

    " Some of them are no longer alive."

    “ No, three of them are no longer alive and one lives in Spain. He also fled at the age of thirty-five.

    They are standing at the former house of general practitioner Bastiaansen, Lark no. 8, which is dark and surrounded by shady trees.

    " This what it's about."

    The environment is explored. Opposite is one of the three schools that play a role in the affair.

    “ They really have every opportunity here. Truly a paradise for pedos, three schools in a row. ”

    The camera Hans uses moves forward.

    He says, "And now we are walking towards the school."

    “ Let's wait a while with that, Hans. The children are still there. ”

    " Oh yes."

    " Then you see that it takes a few steps."

    Wouter: "We first walk to Bastiaansen's practice."

    And a little later he continues: “But where did Van Dissel live? That's the whole point. Was Van Dissel a Bodegravenaar? We have to ask Joost about that. ”

    An old screenshot with the address details of doctor Bastiaansen appears, which tells us that the man lived at 81 Boesemsingel.     

    “ Van Dissel's family doctor and friend. And the school, look it is thirty meters. ”

    Filmer Hans accompanies his images with the words: “So here you have the practice and then we turn to the other side and there

    is the school. So easy. And then to the left, there you see that black house.

    So from the Bird's Nest to the Speel en Werkhoeve … ”

    “ Joost was at De Goede Herder and on Wednesday afternoons he was brought to the Speel en Werkhoeve to play.

    It's two steps. It is at the height of that house Lark 8. Really ordinary on a square 100 meters. A perfect cover for a doctor who is very well known, then you can do what you want within four walls. That's the whole point.

    Four boys, three of whom are already dead before their fortieth … yes, sorry, I also saw that in Rutte's class. There were 31 children in that boy's class. Do you know how many are still alive? Three. Yes, all before their fiftieth. Really serious guys. If you are talking about mind control and MK ultra programs, this is the pattern. See you in America too. Whole communities that are being ripped out of children who are vulnerable and who are being abused at home, for example, you know, but genetically good specimens, so to speak. They are pulled out and abused with the aim of enabling the handlers to keep doing what they are doing. And that's the scary thing about it. Van Dissel, it looks like it's MK Ultra. And so those Bastiaansen too. ”
    Hans responds to this: "And for the viewers (readers), what is MK Ultra?"

    “ MK Ultra is a program that actually started with Mengele. After World War II, Mengele was not tried or murdered or worse, but he was brought to America via Argentina by the Nazis who were also there and started programs there to break the minds of children and then give them an assignment. The Maturin Kenneth is a nice film about how that works. If you break the mind of a child then you can implant assignments in it, the whole Born trilogy with Matt Damon is about that too. You implant an


    assignment, and that assignment could be, for example: You become president. Or: on this and that trigger you have to kill someone. That's how it goes. Jacky Kennedy killed her own husband that way. That's how it works.

    What Joost claims is that Bastiaansen, who suddenly became rich in one go, he also has a very rich son, it has become a super rich family. If you are a regular doctor you will earn well, but then you will not be a millionaire in one go. See, somehow the man suddenly got a lot of money. In that time; in those eighties. That is already very strange, I check. Let's put it this way: strange. So MK Ultra is really a whole program with the aim of achieving political goals or even bigger goals. Make sure you get an entire country under control. If you look at what is happening now (in the world), if you look at the role of Mr. Van Dissel at the moment. Yes, we are told that the man is mentioned that he has been here as a friend of FJM Bastiaansen, general practitioner who is very well known in Bodegraven, but where a completely different story is going on now. That four children had to watch how a young girl broke her neck. Ultimately, together with Van Dissel. And that's well, it's …

    There are three schools in a row next to the house where it all happened. Lark number 8 in Bodegraven.

    To our left we see the old practice of Mr Bastiaansen himself with his wife Joël who lived here. ”
    They represent the next school.

    “ The Good Herder entrance”, Hans remarks.

  6. Translated voices:
    “ I am Joost Knevel, born in Bodegraven, raised in Bodegraven. Son of Gijs Knevel and Tineke Knevel. I have a sister Mirjam Knevel, Karen Knevel and Dieuwke Knevel.

    I have been a road worker in the Netherlands, I had my own company. Nowadays I work in the tourism sector in Spain. I am the father of two lovely children and I have a very sweet, handsome girlfriend. ”
    “As time went on and Joost investigating how he got these memories, a horror story began to depict itself. Memories were corroborated by facts to be verified. Adults appeared to have been actively working to erase  certain experiences from his memory at an early stage in his youth. This was done by special techniques that use traumatizing and blackmailing a child, including forbidding them to speak to anyone about what has been done to them. In this documentary we want to take you into the experiences that Joost had to undergo.”

    " It's really unbelievable what is written here." 'Good afternoon, I was indeed Joost Knevel from Bodegraven born May 11, 1978 Kievitsheuvel 76, 2411 LM in Bodegraven. I ended up in this satanic cult because of my mother who trusted the doctor FJM Bastiaansen. She was friends with his wife Joël. From an early age I was allowed to go with him. Later in school too, and other men too including the red man. I recognized it on TV. They killed a girl, me and three other guys had to watch it. When I told this at home, I ended up in psychiatry on the advice of the doctor, but it is not clear to me where. I would like to find out everything, but also report this horror story.

    My friends who were there too are all dead now Dimar Francken, Robbert Jan Blaauwhof and Marcel van Spengen. I do not feel safe in the Netherlands, have been picked off the street a hundred times, or taken from home. They are now trying to make me feel crazy through my family. I need a very professional lawyer with a heart in the right place. David to Goliath is the best way to describe it. I am a faithful boy with a beautiful family.

    Kind regards, Joost Knevel. ' 
    Wouter continues: "Eh, this is from Joost to someone."

    'I listened to the broadcast, contracted dissociative disorder myself at an early age in Bodegraven on the

    Casa Bambini (“Doesn't mean anything to you, I think”, he says to his conversation partner Hans.) Very intense what happened there. Girl killed before our eyes, four preschoolers had to watch. I am one of them. The other toddlers are no longer alive, two suicide, one burned alive. '

    " That's Marcel van Spengen."

    'I have memories since last year, I know which GP led that MK  Ultra program. Now this doctor is very rich. Another well-known figure is present: Jaap van Dissel, Ans van Reeuwijk, Kees van Reeuwijk. Royal honors. General practitioner is FJM Bastiaansen. Four preschoolers, MK ultra programme is associated with very serious abuse.

    My family doesn't believe me, and my sister is a psychologist. I have told extensively about what happened. Now in the broadcast I hear the same things about lying around (?). This happened in 1982, '83 and '84. Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert is also trained in Ultra hypnosis et cetera at the same school. Since I told my parents Wikipedia has changed and Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert. First there was Speel en Werkhoeve and now only Bodegraven. I have been psychiatristed and criminalized. Nobody believes me but justice is involved in this. I was muddled by the police, fled to Spain at the age of 35. '

    " This is an email that Joost has sent to the VPRO," adds the investigative journalist.

    "If you want information about the deceased boys Marcel van Spengen, Dimar Francken and Robbert Jan Blaauwhof, call me."
    The steel fence of the Vredehof cemetery comes into the picture. The name is on it. The female voice that tells the story says: “Experiences that no child in the world should have.

    In this documentary it is not the intention of Joost himself, nor of the makers to pass on responsibilities for mistakes made to others. It is intended for

    to show once and for all crystal clear where the responsibilities lie for conscious destruction and Hans Meyer and Wouter Raatgever are at Vredehof and have found Marcel van Spengen's grave within a few minutes.  

    Wouter: “Born in 1975, the abuse took place in the years '82, '83, '84, according to various sources. And what you see here is someone who turned 32, 32 and three months.

    And then according to several witnesses, uh yes, most likely murdered. ”

    'In loving memory' is carved on the shiny gray-black tombstone. A small dog is the only decoration on the horizontal plate.
    “ Thirty-two years old folks. So I see a picture in front of me of four boys sitting on those chairs, of those little chairs and who have to watch how a girl's neck is broken and then you die at the age of 32 and then the other two are next to Joost also died. Mysteriously. So folks yes, coincidence ?, a bit too much coincidence I honestly think. If I feel about this, what you feel here is really not right. Really not good. Not good at all."

    They walk on.

    “ A huge cemetery and we really found it within five minutes. That is always so special, isn't it that you walk on your intuition here. 2007. Yes, imagine experiencing something like that and then dying at that age. ”

    Hans, who has been silent so far, responds: "Yes, it is really bizarre."

    “ What do you have to think about it, those other two too. So that Dimar Francken, and his father has also passed away, he also wanted to talk and then we have Robbert Jan Blaauwhof, the pharmacist's son. And Joost Knevel. ” And in the camera: "Well Joost we are at work." A determined smile.

    Wouter puts his thumb up and walks on.

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