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Hello all!

In this video I’m doing an astrology reading on Bill Gates, the self proclaimed Philanthropist and searcher for the vaccine of this invisible enemy. Also I will be throwing a couple of predictions about his future in the scientific world.

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  1. Great content, glad I found this channel,
    Interesting Yoga on 12 lord sitting with the Sun, more than 50% of charts have sun mercury conjunction, so anyone with Cancer Ascendant or Libra Ascendant (Respectively Gemini and Virgo 12th house), with Sun Mercury conjunction will go to hell, regardless of anything else, I find it hard to believe, I don't think those yogas should be seen in isolation,

  2. Somebody who’s done a lot of good karma, will probably have to reap the benefits in the next life, so I would assume it would not be going to hell perhaps reincarnating onto wealth again to enjoy wealth all the charity he’s done

  3. he head of WHO?He already is the head they do whatever he want.pls look at further next year or year after do you see him go to prison pls say he will he has to be stopped.our Gov in au is completely under his spell india UK evrywhere.5g and vacinations are his agenda to depopulate.

  4. He has bought WHO so if you see him being head of WHO he already is they are his puppet did you know for 10 years after paying WHO billions of dollars they were sterilising kentyan women?
    I saw on childrens health a video paul offit talked and said it is imposible to make a vax for CaroV and be safe he explains why and also says it will be similar to the degue vax that killed many chidren.He talks to all the gov in the world and i dont know how it works but they all do whatever he wants.
    I just wondering the newranberg trials were in 1945 to 1946 from 20th nov to 1st it possible to see what the star fell at that time and see if you see it in the near futre for him and some others like the WHO and Fauci and others who push these dangerous vacines..he is wants tis vax and he wants to depopulate.he said so in ted talks he said dont worry we can depopulate with vacines and…He is dangerous man.the govs of the world are like puppets india au UK etc.they all listen to WHo as well and he bought the FDA as well.Fauci also gave him full imunity for the CaroV vax.
    i also saw another astrology he said something worse the the great depression and world war 2 will take place on dec 2021.what do you see?i would love to know wif you see the star sighns lining up like in Newranberg and when?I know perhaps you said you dont see it at the moment but waht about a little later,hopfully not too much later.

  5. Thor, the Gates foundation patented a corona virus prior to the outbreak, along with this the Gates foundation hosted a pandemic simulation, with pharmaceutical companies, Bloomberg and the CDC in China amongst others, just months before the first infections occurred in China which detailed almost exactly the scenario we are experiencing now in real time… Its called event 201 and has been widely publicised on You tube… Please check it out… The Gates foundation also hosted the ID 2020 seminar (also available on you tube) a few years back which details the Gates plan to introduce an ID microchip into every person on the planet via a vaccination program in 2020… And following on from Bill Gates' numerous public presentations on pandemics its rather strange that all funding within the Gates foundation over the past decade has been funneled solely into vaccination development… That's a great deal of preparation and groundwork for something he supposedly predicted… Never predicted anything else throughout his lifetime… Couldn't even cure Microsoft viruses…

  6. Here is more conspiracy, Gates, a college drop out, funded by his Rottenschild family. Part of Rottenschild family, Jeff Bezo, Hitler, Tom Hanks , all in breed. Truth is stranger than fiction. They use Vedic , maths, science and astrology. The COVID – 19 shots contain a chip that locks into 5G towers that makes us one with AI.

  7. What does going to prison look like? I have uranus going into my 12th house with natal saturn in venus there. I am a loner, hermit, stuck in a relationship for many years and i'm thinking thats where the saturn in 12th is feeling like i'm already in a prison for years . The only difference is others get a release date and i can't see one coming at all.😥

  8. I like your videos very much. Could you please make a video about Mars retrograde, which is approaching? In western astrology, Mars will be in Aries – but I have no idea about the vedic astrology. What type of events, for instance (in vedic astrology), could this particular period of Mars retrograde represent? And thank you!

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