Bill Gates Exposed : accused as a "womanizer" and "office bully" by ex-Microsoft colleague.

In a shocking development, a new report has claimed that billionaire business tycoon and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was an office bully who opposed diversity initiatives as attempts to “destroy” Microsoft. The report added that Bill Gates, 65, was once seen lying on top of a woman at an event of Microsoft.
In an interview to Insider, a former Microsoft executive claimed that he saw Gates lying on top of a woman at 5 a.m. during a Microsoft retreat in 1988. The executive added that Bill Gates and the woman were “just snuggling” but the incident happened after Gates was having an affair with Melinda Gates.

On more than one occasion, during nights he wasn’t working his usual 17-hour days, he invited friends and dancers from local all-nude nightclubs to swim naked at his Laurelhurst bachelor pad overlooking Lake Washington, James Wallace, who wrote two biographies on Gates, said.

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