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  1. Ty for making the video and yes people should understand it can be really hard when your own country media shows you something else but the other side is totally different and in such case a person needs to do research by him/herself to come up with an opinion ❤️stay blessed

  2. If the United States cared about all of “human rights” issues they’re holding against the Taliban they would have never have left. The truth is that the Bush administration left a bloody legacy that obligated occupation based on morality when the insertion was never based on morality in the first place. Just like Vietnam – if there was oil or any other natural resources in high demand then the US would have found every moral obligation to stay in Vietnam while keeping the true initiative under classified wraps. There’s plenty of backwards butchery happening in the Western Hemisphere but it is of no little to no concern to the average American? Even closer to home – even more bloodshed and robbery, but no media coverage. The US does not occupy and deploy military based on morality – it never has, why would it do that now?

  3. It is very hard to judge now who's right and wrong, because different types of news are published and heard from different sources and I think that after few months everything will be clear about Afghanistan and Taliban after watching how Taliban are controlling the state and it's people and how people of the country are responsive towards them i.e will people of Afghanistan be in favour of them later on or not, but for now of course we got best option to pray for everyone, that's what I think personally.

  4. Hi I tried to discuss this on insta with u but I’m an introvert soo I couldn’t soo I’m doing it here there are 2 types of Talibans one is tehreek e taliban Pakistan (TTP) that spread terrorist activities in Pakistan 2006 to onwards the others are Afghan Taliban The actual people who had a government there before the Governments of Us’s puppets these Taliban had put their steps after 20 years on their soil when us Started the war in Afghanistan in the name of education and Making a change of Afghan people but in their soo called war for change many and many Afghan died the main purpose of this war was to be as a superpower upon East and other countries with power why aren’t the Taliban government now Blaming Pakistan for “everything”? The 2 puppet governments literally blamed Pakistan for everything they did let India use their soils and spread terrorism in Pakistan and not let us get stable u see why the current afghan government Taliban are not blaming Pakistan because Before them their soil was used by terrorists and us puppets after 20 years Taliban understand After loosing the war miserably that they spent over trillions of dollars for nothing and their soldiers died for nothing and people know that America is nothing but a simple countries as others the fear of America is not there anymore in the eyes of the world and America is done for the least America can do is Take their soldiers out of the war areas ..

    When the last puppet president ran he took millions of dollars with him he was taking full 4 Trucks of dollars but the us didn’t allowed that soo he had 1 truck full of money and with family he fled

    There are other afghan people also living peacefully under current Afghan government these people who were running are those who in the era of The last puppet government of Afghanistan those people with the government fought against talibans and when Taliban came in the government they all started running that they will kill them but Taliban has said that we have forgiven everyone (Common forgiveness) the us on the other hand Was burning everything in bagram Airbase And letting their people in the plane first us people were literally pushing out afghan people From the plane when it was on the ground that they can not get on the plane only us citizens can be on the plane that’s why 2 of them started climbing the plan and eventually died as the whole world knows India ran away America ran away China’s embassy is still working in Afghanistan Russians embassy is Still running in Afghanistan Pakistan’s embassy is still running in Afghanistan If Taliban would’ve been killing people these embassy’s should’ve also been closed but they’re not the women are working in schools and other places with abaya the police is operational there and also they have changed their flag to what it was before the puppet governments

    Kindly avoid talking on topic like these these afghan people will never accept anything in the Favor of Taliban they would make a Hindu very very close ally but they will not talk in the favor of their of Muslims brothers and sisters .. that’s why u received that hypocrite wala msg ..

    Thanks and please if u want ur peace of mind then please avoid talking on topics like these because it clearly defames afghanis their puppet governments and The US soo yeah .. that’s all .. I would’ve talked more but those things are too deep I don’t have the Brain power to talk about them rn soo that is the truth Infront of u hope u will have a bright day Insha Allah ☺️

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