Angry Canadian Jan 19, 2021 – Klaus Schwab the De Facto Leader of the World

Trump was all that stood between Schwab and the World Economic Forum Great Reset, Globalism and now that Trump has been removed, Schwab has the whole playing field to himself.
Where do loyalties lay for heads of countries? Is Trudeau for Canada, Canadians or globalist Great Reset? Biden? BoJo? and others kiss the Schwabs feet hoping to gather favor while citizens of their countries standard of living decline with growth only benefiting the ‘ruling’ billionaire class.

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  1. Those of us who rose up for the Yellow vest movement in O18-19 have been well aware of all this sh*t. Now we and others are standing against the covid hoax and the agenda 2030. Where are our people? They and their children's future is being destroyed but they sit on ass and do nothing!


  2. Klauss is every bond baddie … he is NOT a good guy an does not have ANY of our interests at heart!!! Trump will win the military are taking over .. look at the military here in Canada telling Trudy to sit down an refused to train his ccp buds

  3. Unfortunately some folks enjoy having someone else calling the shots of the day to day all the while the master's foot planted firmly up the proverbial puppet's @$$.

    The silver lining….many of us refuse to participate in the sleepwalking penitentiary play at all cost.

  4. Remember, we have already had another ambitious German (Austrian) maniac who thought he was the great leader of Europe and the world. What happened him and his great plan? I guess the Russians interfered back in the 40's too.

  5. Now we know why there is election talk in the spring. Have Justin get his majority so he can trot off to Davos in May, and be involved in the great take ovet. Heaven have mercy!

  6. We have to be careful they are out to brainwash the younger generations. The only hope we have is to fight back and fight back hard with no mercy what so ever.

  7. Their agendas can only result in a global disaster which is probably part of the plan but democracy will prevail and they shall perish instead.

  8. My bet is martial law and the military will be in charge, Trump will remain president until a fair and equitable election can be had.

  9. More projection from killery. We know that Russia equals chyna and they are talking about themselves.
    Damn even sky news is calling insurrection.
    Wow a bunch of unarmed people taking selfies.

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