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  1. I am not sure about you Polly.
    To a Gold Miner…You are Both The Gold and The Miner!
    To a Scientist…You are both The Theory and The Facts…
    To a Musician…You are both The Composition and The Composer.
    To a Tescher..you are Both The Student and The Teacher…
    To An Environmentalist…you are both The Nature and The Ecologist.
    To a Pilot, you are both The Plane and The Sky.
    To an Architect, you are both The Perspective and the The Building.
    How else could I describe you???
    It boggles the mind of any self- respecting intellectual To capture an iota of what's between your ears…
    More Power to you.
    Be Strong!
    Lots of people are praying for you!!

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