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  1. I Love you Polly ! I know your acting out a child sketch ! Your beautiful here in 2016 ! God bless you and know many are in your side !🙏😇❤️

  2. Anyone who calls themselves "Amazing" is a little out of touch to begin with…and I think narcissim is something she suffers from.
    Recently, Brian Young of High Impact TV had a conversation with her on Twitter and she became completely unglued, while Brian stayed professional. She's friggin nuts!

  3. AP is doing an imitation of a specific kind of behaviour of a spacial person, that i dont know? Whats wrong?
    The bigger frame is missing here- so i would say -YOU are framing here with purpose.But nevertheless, she is a real beauty.I dont like Q too and i told her so.But thats a frame too perhaps.
    But the idea of Q as a systematic desinformation campaign is true in my eyes.But why do YOU make it so pathetic with AP? Thats a bad purpose done by a bad mind anyway.
    And i see a problem here with your subtitle: "psychotic" is kind of mental-psychic illness.If you frame here and give such explaination subtitles you are harming her and could be in conflict with common law , i guess.
    AP is really a special person and i like her sharpness of thinking and evaluating.Such persons often have different facettes in their character.So this YT-video is just bashing someone standing on a higher level, unfortunatelly for you i think.Jealous chicks do it this way, or not?
    You intend that AP has a psychic disease? Yes .
    But do you believe she is psychotic?
    She is brilliant in her expression, has tending charme and ladylike coolness mixed with an intellect thats above normal.There a 2 perons that i cant understand when they speak english: her and M.Passio . They are direct,true and teaching well.Is this "psychotic" -ok,everyone wants it to be then.
    I am sorry for my bad english, i am german.

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