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  1. It’s strange how when I was on my journey when I discovered the Essenes my TV screeched with a high pitched siren sound the picture froze and my tv broke right there & then. Life is a dream. You are the dreaming. You need to get out of the collective dream. March or follow your own conscious.This world is a fiction.you need to transcend this illusion.

  2. People are waking up and seeing All the evil that's been going on under our own noses. Thanks for sharing. Yes naughty 🦦 is sharing the truth we all must 🙉. God bless you all ❤️🇨🇱

  3. I See Why They Call Her Amazing Polly!!!! She Has Such An Amazing Gift Of Researching Things Out To Get To The Truth!!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Greeting brother…was introduced to the same message thru a mentor back in 2003…hope to meet with you someday,God willing…Always…d

  5. Not , i think…."Any undertaking that requires 4 people to be in the same place at the same time while 2 of them are unaware of the fact is fraught with the possibility of mishap" quoting the inimitable Jeeves of "Jeeves & Wooster" 19:30 to 19:50 of Season 1 Episode 1…And so , we go to Naughty Beaver's presentation of Dec.2, 2018 "Suppressed Human History And The Origin Of The Human Soul" – – where postulations/facts r stated that Lemuria i.e. the earth as a distinct planet…along w Mars, a distinct planet …along w an unidentified distinct exo-planet populated only by Hebrews brought forth 3 sentient creature types via evolution w perfectly matching DNA excepting X or Y chromosome differences …..Now the female Hebrews from planet X r not 30 feet tall & the Men of Mars r not 6 inches tall – – no they all fit together , even the Lemurians, too…if ur thinking N-B is clever A I effort of undergrad wizards or 1st attempt at neo-Theosophy run amok , i lay my money in that direction…how 'bout u ? ……shalom,a.j.

  6. You are discounting what God is about to do! God is about to pour out His spirit on the US and other countries. The "Spirit of Truth" is on the way! That is why were are experiencing an awakening! God has heard the cries of the people! U will know by the spirit….the Holy Spirit.

  7. I AM at 4,000 ft Eastern sLopes RM AB CAN…BesT geT up beFoRe the TiDeS come…

    He IS IN ALL of us…WE are LIKE anTeNNae…

    1st JOHN 5:3…The LOVE of GOD; What is it?…..The TeN & Two…

  8. Amazing Polly is great to spend time with SOME of beaver work is very good SOME is just utter dribble paranoid stupid bullshite doing nothing more than manifesting evil not good. If i wanted to listen to this sort of garbage i would go to the local insane institute and find the most twisted up bible bashing lunatic and listen to them and there is many of them. This is no good if you're trying to pull people in a good direction all that paranoid crap will do for any level headed logical people is make them run and never look back. Disappointed!

  9. Good on you for speaking your truth,though it can't be easy living within the matrix especially within the false money system created by the cabal to keep everyone in poverty slavery from birth til death,that really is hard going,knowing that within each of us resides a spark of divinity,a christ conciousness,that exists from a place of love and exists in a neutral path that only those awakened to the truth can feel.I too like NDB(mark),i just wish he'd drop the doom and gloom,yes shit happens,but that doesn't mean it has to be celebrated at every possible avenue,that's prophesy for you,potentials made manifest through unity conciousness,unfortunately havin been told this mr doom and gloom is still trying to manifest as many prophesies as he can,i'm done with his negativity,and the hole he's climbed into.Do yourself a favour,dont feed into his ego anymore,it's becoming very self evident on it's own!.He doesnt need any help!.

  10. I think the one drink is a curse for you but I do not share that experience in my Spiritual quest. Please do follow your convictions of the divine. Be blessed in your inner most soul and hear the God of the Universe. Have faith above what you see and believe beyond the evil and walk forward in victory in the Power of Whom we Trust.

  11. It's totally amazing to me that I just came from amazing Polly site and the next thing that I click on was yours. I don't post videos I am following the Q things but along the way I have found an enormous wealth of information and things that I was not taught in school didn't know anything about. I didn't grow up religious I am trying to find that spot I know I know that it's always been there the light in my heart it's always been there and yet I've been kind of lost in so I've not been hearing what I think I should be and I'm also not doing what I should be. And there you come. The people who have come into my life through my wanderings on the internet have left such unimaginable information, healing, knowing that I'm not alone, that bad things happen to everybody and if we work at it we can come out the other side. I watch Naughty Beaver to I watched it he is amazing he is amazing his videos are so cool but it got to a point where he scared me. Because I'm not near where he is on my learning and I am so uncertain of the religious side. I know he doesn't you know he he goes from many places and I need to keep that in mind and you help with that also. And Steve from wso is another awesome person that I follow.. I have really really was in a bad place for several years. And one day I found the Q phenomenon. and each day I would stay on the phone longer and longer and learn I would jump around cuz I didn't know how it worked I didn't know how YouTube work but I would jump around and just see people and listen and I got to tell you I feel like I have such a wonderful Network of smart, very kind, it's like I have so many words that I can't think of one or 50.. Just know they're all good. I have been going back to naughty because I like you believe he's telling a very deep story and I believe it is his story. When I was younger I had a story. I don't want to make a real long video to you I don't want to overwhelm you or whatever with my blah blah of it something happened in the last 10 years and now in the last 2 years I'm having headaches memory loss which was part of why I started reading the text says listening and trying to keep my mind active but I got so much more out of it then I could have ever imagined. I know I'm not you know a part of a group or we three aren't I don't know how to say it. First I believe you each came into my life at a time that was destined to be. I'm having a really hard time with the religious the Bible part of this not religion but the Bible part and that's what made me it kind of been on the fence I'm really sorry I'm stuttering here because I just came from leaving a wonderful message to Polly about her, right into a message I needed to hear I know I did. so if you don't mind I'm going to hitch my wagon to your train guess I should say LOL and see what else I can learn from you and who knows maybe along the way I might have a nugget 4 you never can tell. I will tell you like I tell the others I don't upload I don't have data in my house, I don't know how to do all the tech stuff. I have a phone and it's falling apart, the keyboard quit working so I'm talking to you to a voice program that quite often as what it wants. so if you see incorrect grammar or missing capitals it may be me but most likely it's the way this computer software if not hearing me. thank you for opening my eyes just something I already knew that I needed to do. I don't have any answers or nowhere near probably what y'all are on your ideas. I just want to thank you you help me hear. how to get back into a regular schedule with naughty and with Polly and with you and I have some others that I think are awesome that y'all probably already follow but if I come up with any I'll pass them on anyways peace and blessings Vicki

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