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  1. You are spinning false information by not posting the amazing polls full comments you took bits and pieces of her comments and didn't post her full comments you are chuck full of misinformation

  2. Wow…. Nobody on Bitchute is even remotely aware of these facts !

    That horrific possessed python now locked the comments section because people are asking her real questions

  3. Hi, I'm investigating Amazing Polly – she abused some of her followers today. Only just discovered her alias, Amazing Phemus. Could you please give me an overview of her character, thanks.

  4. This woman is everywhere and getting bots to plaster her name in the comments like she invented investigative journalism.
    Guess getting the message matters more but it's copy and paste , while other Molyneux and Tommy G get banned.

  5. Ross Rosenberg summed up this whole thing (at least my experience of it) in his video "Run Quietly from the Narcissist". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3an9crV9feM&t=19s

    1. "Exit plan"
    2. "Boundaries"
    3. "Passive aggressive reactions, retaliations"
    4. "Antagonize/provoke you to attack them"
    5. "Recognize the danger"
    6. "Do NOT confront them directly"
    7. "Cut your losses"
    8. "Get the hell out of there"

  6. I wish you would all bring back your old content. It helped me through the worst times. I miss all of you. Deep State Polly be dammed. There are many, many more people who would benefit so much if your catalogs were available again.

  7. That mocking "impersonation" at 15:20 still turns my stomach after three years. That was absolutely disgusting to watch. Today, people think Sherri/Polly is some kind of expert on the deep state. It's frankly laughable, but whatever it takes for her to get some supply is what she will do. I warn people about her when they mention her name. Now I can show them the whole story. She is so hateful.

  8. Everyone reading comments. You will all have to decide for yourselves. I did, and I got it wrong the first time. About a month ago, I sent Polly a donation through the mail USPS. That is when shit started. Believe Cluster B Free Zone.

  9. The first time i saw her face i knew she was not right. Its in her eyes. I watched a couple of her videos . Interesting stuff. Then i thought i would follow her on twittrr. That lastrd a couple days. I stopped following her because there seemed to be a lot of drama. She comes across narcisistic. "If they cant control people, they will control how people think of you" I would walk awzy. Is it really worth it.

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